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In the Philippines, we Filipinos simply love food—from dishes that are our own to those that have been influenced by other cultures.  There is thus a thriving interest in foreign cuisine that comes close to matching even the local preference for native cuisine.  One of the most famous foreign fares in this country is Italian food. From pizza to pasta to never ending gelato offerings, Filipinos have truly developed the palate and preference for Italian food. And fortunately enough, one does not have to travel far for amazing Italian cuisine as there is a place called Amici that really offers you a great taste of Italy.

With branches scattered across the Metro area, Amici caters to everyone who loves to eat anything Italian inspired.They have a wide selection of antipasto dishes or appetizers that will really add zing to any meal. Because of their large serving sizes, there are times when just the antipasto dishes can fill you right up.

Try their soups, especially the one that is made with squash, the zuppa de zucca. To balance the sweetness of the pureed vegetable, bits of salty bacon are added and every order comes with a piece of toasted crusty bread that is simply delicious when dipped into the hot soup. Each serving is about 180-220 pesos, which is not bad at all since two people can share their soups.

There are different salads to choose from as well and they also have other offerings such as the rice ball, which is basically cheese that has been covered with a layer of rice and shaped into a ball and then deep fried. You might also like the fried mozzarella, which is similar to this—although it goes sans the rice and comes in strips. Both of these come with their homemade marinara sauce.

If there is more room in your stomach, you should try their pizzas next (prices range from 320-450 pesos). These are crispy thin crusted pies that are baked inside a traditional “pugon” or wood fired oven, which is what they also use in Italy. You can choose from various topping offerings or simply go with the traditional tomato, mozzarella, and basil combo – the Margherita.

If you want to know what is next on the menu,  there is only one answer and that is pasta. The Spinach Montanara is really good and the fusilli or swirled pasta has bits if spinach in the dough, giving it a green hue. This particular offering comes with a light but flavorful tomato cream sauce and a generous serving of melted mozzarella on top.

For this kind of pasta, 2-3 people can share one order and it sells for 280 pesos. There are other pasta dishes that are available from the old school Bolognese to the ever popular Carbonara for the children. They have various seafood topped pastas as well and these are must tries.

Their line of main courses does not fail to impress as well. From a whole roasted chicken to slow roasted beef and pork, these meats melt in your mouth. These particular fares come with buttered vegetables, rice, or potatoes depending on what you prefer.

At Amici, you really have to finish your meal with gelato scoops or their sumptuous cakes and pair these off with some brewed coffee. Their Italian ice cream or gelato is much creamier than regular ice cream and each bite comes with a flavor explosion in one’s mouth. If you are a cake person, their dome cake is something that you have to try.

If you are into Italian cuisine, you need not leave the country for authentic Italian food as Amici gives you a taste of Italy with their food offerings day in and day out. They have multiple branches around the Metro, making it easier for people to get their Italian food fix with ease. If you want a taste of Italy, grab a bite at Amici restaurant.

Atrium, 3rd Level, SM Megamall – Atrium, SM Megamall
EDSA corner Julia Vargas Ave.
Mandaluyong, Metro Manila, Philippines
Amici Facebook Page

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  1. super yummy! Love the aglio olio & spinach linguine puttanesca <3

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