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We have a lot of coffee shops around manila and they keep increasing in number with each passing day and it is about time that some real competition entered the scene. Since last year, there has been this fascination with healthy tea drinks and this is why milk tea places have been sprouting up from left to right. Some are from the workings of our fellow Filipinos while some of them have been franchised from other countries.

The art of drinking tea has been a part of various cultures for centuries now from the Indians to the Chinese. The thing about it is that tea has always been associated with the older folks in town and this is what is being changed today by young entrepreneurs from the Philippines. They want the younger generation to be part of this tea drinking culture and this is why milk tea has been improving its position in the market today.

Not only is milk tea a much healthier alternative for the younger generation but it is also something which changes the way people look at tea drinking. There are plenty of things that you can do when you use tea as an ingredient and this is what the milk tea places want to showcase. One such place is Happy Lemon in Greenhills which just opened its doors to the public a few months ago.

When you arrive in Greenhills, go to the Promenade mall and you will immediately see the Happy Lemon Girl smiling at you on the ground floor. It is beside The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf and Fully Booked. There is no way that you will miss the vibrant yellow logo of the establishment.

Happy Lemon has been around for plenty of years and it is one of the most popular milk tea businesses in China. The makers of Happy Lemon milk tea infuse their tea bases with various ingredients from aloe vera to rock salt and cheese. You will find lots of unique concoctions when you visit the franchise in Greenhills and you really need to try them all.

They offer the standard milk tea drink with tapioca pearls and this is a really popular treat but they also introduced the rock salt and cheese line which is very popular with their Chinese patrons. When you take a look at their menu, there are plenty of Chinese inspired drinks including one which makes use of red beans and another which utilizes aloe vera in the mix. But there are concoctions that are more suited for the more conservative tea drinkers as well including oreo mixed drinks and those that have been combined with fruit juices of all sorts.

Their drinks come in two sizes and both of these are reasonably priced at Php 150 and below. After you choose a drink, you can ask them to put additional toppings or sinkers depending on which ones you like better. You have options from flavored tapioca pearls to jelly bricks to red beans and even pudding. For those who wish to have their tea hot, there are a number of choices on their menu as well.

Their traditional milk tea is amazing and with all of their drinks, you have the option to choose what sugar level you prefer. If you are not fond of sweet tea drinks, you can ask them to lessen the amount of sugar that will be used for your drink. If you have a very sweet tooth, go for the 100% sugar level option.

You will experience a lot of flavor explosions from these drinks. Sweet, sour, salty, spicy, they have it all. If you are the adventurous type, do not neglect to try the rock salt and cheese combinations for they will blow your mind.

These concoctions are Chinese inspired so some of them may not be your usual cup of tea but their drinks are worth trying out. Surely you will find something that tickles your fancy at Happy Lemon. What are you waiting for?[mappress mapid=”37″]

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