Dim Sum Dining at Causeway Restaurant

causeway-seafood-restaurantJust like the British, there is much significance that is played on afternoon tea by the Chinese. It is actually customary for the Chinese to have tea either during brunch or mid-day. During tea time, not only do the Chinese engage in social exchanges but they also enjoy small bites of dim sum with their hot pots of tea.

The dim sum culture is quite popular amongst Chinese locals and given the influences that they have brought to the Philippines, the dim sum culture is something that people in the metro have also learned to adopt. The difference with Filipinos though is that dim sum bites are not taken as snacks but have become part of full meals. For the people in the metro, eating dim sum can be done any time of the day, morning, noon, night, or even during the witching hour.

There are different cuisines that can be enjoyed but one which is highly popular amongst the locals is Chinese food. This is the kind of offering that people can savor all throughout the day. For a lot of Filipinos, Chinese food is something that they cannot live without.

causeway-seafood-restaurant-1A number of fine dining Chinese restaurants can be found in the metro but it is the simpler joints that most people love frequenting. Although it is a fully operating Chinese restaurant, Causeway Seafood Restaurant is also known for being a great establishment for those hungering for excellent dim sum. Here, dim sum is served all day and there is even a discount offered on the dim sum items at certain hours during the day depending on the branch.

According to the owner of the restaurant, who is part Chinese by the way, they see to it that all of their dim sum is freshly prepared. They have a commissary that is responsible for distributing fresh dim sum items to various locations every single day. Because of this, they only have a limited quantity of dim sum to work with on any given day and this is why hours before closing time, some items may no longer be available.

Dim sum items vary in terms of size and fillings. Some are made with nothing but vegetables while others are packed full of different meats. There are buns and then there are dumplings and then there are simple savory bits as well.
causeway-seafood-restaurant-2The best condiment accompaniment to dim sum includes three ingredients. Soy sauce is one and chili sauce is another. A good trick here is to use lemon juice to balance the saltiness and spiciness out.

Dim sum is best eaten hot, straight from the kitchen. Since dim sum is always prepared in large quantities, the usage of a dim sum cart that keeps them warm is quite commonplace. From this cart, diners can choose from a wide array of dim sum offerings.

At Causeway Seafood Restaurant, the kutchay dumpling is one of their bestsellers. These dumplings are filled with nothing but kutchay or chives and a little bit of shrimp to add flavor. Simple as it may sound, they pack quite a punch and are extremely delectable indeed.

Causeway Seafood Restaurant has a number of branches along the metro and these should be visited by those looking for a quick and affordable dim sum fix. Here, quality is everything and this is why you can rest assured that all dim sum items will satisfy your craving. See to it that you take advantage of their dim sum happy hours so that you can avail of even more discounts as you dine on fine dim sum.

Causeway Seafood Restaurant
8 Acropolis Center, Bagumbayan, Libis, Quezon City
638 9374

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