Makchang Restaurant is Your Local Korean BBQ Resto

Everyone should have their own little favorite Korean BBQ resto. For us, it’s Makchang Restaurant, formerly Joe Snack, along Adriatico St., just across Robinson’s Place Ermita.

If you’re looking for a Korean BBQ place that has a size-able menu with loads of different kinds of meat, marinated cuts, kimchi dishes and more than one kind of bibimbap, then this isn’t the place for you.

In fact, the reason we haven’t been able to stay away from this place is because of its simplicity. Nothing too fancy. No mind boggling decisions to make.

Just check out their menu and you’ll get an idea of where I’m getting at.

But don’t let the limited menu fool you. The meats are great and the service is top notch. We recommend the Kotdungsim or Galbisal for your choice of Beef and Pork Galbi or Samkyupsal for Pork.

And like other Korean BBQ places, you get a freebies too! You’re served hot Korean style Miso soup, a basket of lettuce, sesame leaves and chili, a sweet and spicy mix of vegetables and sprouts, sauce and of course Kimchi. All these are for your wrapping pleasure, are free of charge and you can get more if you want.

The minimum order for this quaint little place is two meat of any kind.

Makchang Restaurant
Adriatico St. corner Pedro Gil,
across Robinson’s Ermita
limited street Parking available
Cash only
meal for 2 expect to spend less than Php1,000