Nurture Spa: Where Inner Peace is Within Reach

In the life of every person, there is a time when relaxation is all that we ask for. It may be because of stresses from work or plain and simple fatigue and this is where an hour or two of pampering can completely turn things around. If you feel as if you deserve more than a basic massage, you should definitely head on to Nurture Spa in Tagaytay.

In the city, there are a number of places offering all kinds of massages for those who need some taking care of but if you have the time, drive down to Tagaytay for a totally different experience. A massage is good but a massage that can stimulate all of your senses is even better. This is what Nurture Spa focuses on.

Located in Barangay Maitim in West Tagaytay, Nurture Spa is a spa village that caters to the needs of locals and city folk who want time well spent on rest and relaxation. Here, you do not have to spend a night to feel rejuvenated as a couple of hours will definitely be enough to give you the recharging that you need. You might think that the drive is not worth an hour or two of spa treatments but when the treatments are from Nurture Spa, your time on the road will be well worth it and more.

CNN actually included this spa in its list of the 28 most relaxing spas in the world a couple of years ago and in the Philippines, it is recognized by Asia Spa Magazine as belonging to the top seven spas in the country. Starting out with the name Nurture Spa, the place known as Nurture Spa Village these days spearheaded spa culture in the Philippines and revolutionized the industry after several months of operations. It has been around since 2002 and is continuing its rise as a formidable force in the international spa industry.

There are plenty of words that can be used to describe the kind of feeling that you can experience when you spend some time here. Some call it peaceful while there are those who refer to the experience as simply relaxing. There are some who pertain to the treatments as unique while some people consider everything romantic and for a number of patrons, the place is simply a source of healing for those who are able to visit the establishment.

Nurture Spa focuses on healing treatments that rely not only on new age techniques but also on ancient practices. When it comes to the massages they offer, they see to it that they use local herbal ingredients instead of their foreign counterparts. Even some of the tools that they use reflect old Filipino culture from the wraps to the wooden sticks that they use to massage your feet.

You have the option to stay for a couple of massages or book a room for an overnight experience. If you are interested in staying for the night, there are several rooms that you can choose from. Some of these rooms come without air conditioning while some come with air conditioning plus luxurious bathroom setups.

Because of the location of the spa village, it is generally cool all throughout the year even during the summer months and this is why rooms that have no air conditioning are still comfortable to stay in. Here, you have the option of staying in a cabin type room or in one of their Ifugao huts. If you want a room with air conditioning, you can stay in their deluxe garden view room or premium forest view room.

Nurture Spa is very strict when it comes to the privacy of their clients and this is why only those who have bookings will be allowed on the premises. Silence is very important here as they want to preserve the serene ambiance of the village. They also have a strict policy when it comes to young children who can get pretty rowdy at times.

Together with the excellent spa treatments that can be availed of from this establishment, there is a small in-house café that serves excellent meals made from local organic ingredients. They serve meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Each dish comes complete with soup, salad, dessert, and a drink and costs between Php 200 to Php 300.

Nurture Spa
Barangay Maitim II, West Tagaytay City, Tagaytay
(046) 483-0805

Enjoy a Rejuvenating Massage and Treatments at The Spa in Acropolis Quezon City

If you are looking for a massage to soothe away the stress from the hustle and bustle of the city life, come and visit The Spa in Acropolis Center in Libis, Quezon City. The place boasts of body or head massages and treatments that are guaranteed to melt away the aches and tiredness. You can chose from a variety of traditional spa packages or ask them what is their suggestions for you.

For total body relaxation, you may opt to go with their “Total Indulgence” package that costs of about Php 3200. It contains full-body pampering that starts with body treatments and a facial. You have the chance to choose among a variety of options for your body treatment such as sea salt body scrub, coffee rub or their very own red wine sparkle.

Who says that The Spa is a lady facility? Men can also enjoy massages and treatments with “Gentleman’s Package” which includes an option of Swedish, Shiatsu or Deep Tissue Massage plus a rejuvenating facial. For guys, you would have to shell out about Php 1900 to enjoy this invigorating experience.

You may also want to try their “Wellness Ritual”. It is a combination of a detox massages and acupuncture treatment that lasts for about two hours. Deluxe price starts at Php 2200 which means that you will have to join with other guests in the common room while Php 2500 will let you have your own space for complete privacy.

Couple’s are also encouraged to visit The Spa for relaxation and total wellness. They can try Volcanic Rock Massage which lasts for about an hour and 15 minutes. The price for this package starts at Php 2600.

Gym enthusiast can also find their place in The Spa. Their gym inside of the facility is open to the public every day, from 1:30 PM to 9:30 PM. They also have ample parking space in front of the building facade for the convenience of customers.

The Spa also offers membership to get access at the wet floor facilities and discounted prices. There are three types of membership to choose from – Coral Massage Membership, Ruby Massage Membership and the Silver Gym Membership. For details and inquiries, it is necessary to talk to The Spa management personnel.

It is also a good thing that The Spa offers Wellness Card. This card is ideal as a gift for your special someone. It comes with your choice of denomination value but the price starts at Php500.

Currently, there are five more branches of The Spa all over Metro Manila. Aside from the one located in Acropolis Center, you will also find The Spa in Alabang Town Center in Muntinlupa, Greenbelt 1 in Makati City, The Fort in Bonifacio Global City in Taguig and in Trinoma Mall in Quezon City. Two more branches are underway and are located in Rockwell in Makati and in Eastwood in Libis, Quezon City.

So if you want to experience pampering at the most sophisticated way, come to The Spa anytime between 1:30PM to 9PM every day. Let their treatments and body massages soothe your body for total luxurious treat. It is guaranteed that it will leave you feeling re-energized and revitalized.

The Spa, Acropolis Branch
Acropolis Center, Acropolis Green Subdivision, E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave, Libis, Quezon City
+632 6372878 / +632 6342709 / +632 6342267

Get COZY This Christmas

We all agree that the best things about Christmas are gifts. Receiving gifts, giving gifts, we can’t deny the joy we feel during Christmas because of gifts. This year, though, there is something more to look forward to than gifts as the new cozy nail salon—COZY NAIL Lounge, opened last August.

The name NAILed it! This new nail salon makes sure that you and your nails are given the best care. Their services include a full range of R n R for your hands and feet, from manicure and pedicure, to hand and foot spas. Their chairs are comfy and the whole place looks more of a lounge than your typical nail salon. How can you resist having your manis and pedis done in this chic place? Don’t your hands and feet suddenly feel tired when you see their lazy boy chairs?

So this December remember that you have another reason to enjoy Christmas. After that non-stop walking and shopping for gifts to give, remember that you have COZY to massage and relax your hands and feet. Before going to that big Christmas party remember to have your nails done at COZY Nail Lounge. And when you’ve done all these, it would be selfish not to share your new found Christmas experience. Make sure to give your friends and loved ones the same COZY experience by getting them COZY Nail Lounge gift certificates.

Cozy Nail Lounge
No. 181 E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave. Libis, Quezon City
Cozy Nail Lounge Facebook Page

Pooch Park Doggie Day Care Contest!

Attention all Dog owners!

Pooch Park Doggie Day Care is giving away free Grooming and Massage services to 3 lucky pooches. The services are by Internationally Certified Professional Groomer Mr. Oliver Tan.

All you have to do for a chance to win this freebie is:

  1. “Like” the Facebook Fan Page of Pooch Park
  2. Email the cutest, most creative and most unique photo of your dog together with his/her name, owner’s name, telephone/mobile number at Subject: Holiday Photo Contest
  3. Repost the contest image via facebook and you must tag 12 of your friends including @Pooch Park.
  4. Ask your friends to “Like” your entry photo from our album.

And that’s it! The most number of Likes will be proclaimed winner! Contest runs from Nov. 28 to Dec. 15, 2010.

For more details visit Pooch Park below:

Pooch Park Doggie Day Care
J. Vargas Branch
#181 Auto Depot Bldg. Julia Vargas Ave., Pasig City

Metro East Branch
Level 4 Robinsons Metro East, Marcos Highway, Pasig City

Alternative Methods of Healing and Healing Centers Around Manila

Alternative methods of healing the body are making a major comeback in the Philippines.  Since the 90’s, the Philippines joined the growing global trend towards “Holistic Medicine”, where treating diseases not only focused on healing the body with purely scientific methods  but also giving remedy to afflictions of the mind and spirit as well.

Back in 1992, when former Senator Juan Flavier was still the secretary of the Department of Health he came up with the Traditional Medicine Program which promotes the practice of traditional medicine in the Philippines this eventually led to the Traditional and Alternative Medicine Act (TAMA) of 1997.

One of its primary purposes is “to promote and advocate the use of traditional, alternative, preventive and curative health care modalities that have been proven safe, effective, cost-effective and consistent with government standards on medical practice”.

Thanks to TAMA, Filipinos now have more access and freedom to choose alternative methods to restoring their health, without the obligatory popping of medicine/pills prescribed by the doctor whenever they feel sick.

For one, we now have options to eschew buying expensive medicines and just turn to local herbs. Common ailments like cough and asthma can be treated with Lagundi, while  Sambong is known to prevent kidney stones, Tsaang-Gubat  is prescribed for abdominal pains, Yerba Buena is known antidote for fever and body aches, the tiny Niyog-Niyogan is good for eradicating  ascariasis (anthelminthic), Bayabas (Guava) is  for wound disinfection (antiseptic), Akapulko is a good antifungal while Ulasimang-Bato is recommended for arthritis and gout, Bawang (Garlic) is used to lower cholesterol  and Ampalaya (Bitter Gourd) for diabetes.

In recent years, the ubiquitous manghihilot in rural barrios has notched up their reputation as alternative therapy for several  musco-skeletal ailments such as sprains, displacements of the bones, nerves and veins, as the PITAHC plans to accredit the practice of “Hilot” as a recognized therapeutic option for Filipinos. PITAHC or Philippine Institute of Traditional and Alternative Health Care is a body attached to the Department of Health created to  answer the call for the provision and administration of traditional and alternative healthcare products, services and technologies that are safe, effective and inexpensive.

For those who are interested to try alternative medicine in the Philippines, there are several centers in Manila that caters to this demand. Needless to say, Alternative modalities like acupuncture, reflexology has taken firm roots here in the Philippines due to our close association with the Chinese who pioneered this discipline.

For more novel approaches to holistic treatment one can try this center that eschews use of chemicals in treating the body, the BioVitale Holistic Center located in Edsa, Cubao. It employs a combination of Chinese and Western Scientific Medicine and performs treatments with an array of herbal products, laser and Ion therapy. Laser Therapy or Low-Level Laser Therapy claims to restore abnormal cellular functions to normal and improves metabolism and circulation and also quickens tissue healing. Ion Therapy on the other hand, claims to drain the body of toxins that may lead to a number of diseases.

(photo courtesy:

Another institution, Bio-Safe Center, located in Siena Quezon City offers a wide array of preventive health care and offers and non-invasive technology for treatments. They have several interesting methods for diagnosing diseases in the body, rather than your  usual Urinalysis, Fecalysis and Blood analysis, mind you. One could try ARDK or Automatic Reflective Diagnostic Kinetics that measures the loss of energy or QI vacuity that leads to ailments according to the teachings of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It detects the presence or absence of human energy (bioenergy) in 24 particular acupoints of the wrists and ankles. They also have an interesting technology that was brought from Russia and which was also popular in Europe called  the Bio Resonance Imaging or BRI.

It is said that it uses energy frequencies from brain waves to “scan” the body for possible diseases. It can assess the conditions of a person’s system/organs, detect parasites and check for the patient’s compatibility with certain prescriptions.

They also offer the following services:

  • Spine Alignment (Dorn method) for those with back problems and bad posture
  • Deep Nerve Therapy (Therapeutic massage)
  • Spa (Ionized Purifying Detoxifier)
  • Charcoal Bath (Detoxification)
  • Ozone Spa (Relaxation, Bath exercise)
  • Resonance Music Therapy
  • Bio-Spa and novel complementary treatments like Beam Ray(Light & Sound Therapy)
  • Parasite Protocol (Parasite Eradication)
  • IV Laser Chelation (Rejuvenation, tissue repair)
  • Quantum Test (Physical & Emotional Check-up)
  • Quantum Healing
  • Topical Laser

A one stop center for complementary medicine is the Remnant Health Care Center which is a holistic clinic, employing  Complementary Medicine, combined with Scientific Western discipline and Oriental Medicine. This center offers practical advice about alternative and traditional health treatments from Alternative Medicine physicians, licensed medical doctors and other practitioners.

Located in E. Rodriguez Sr. Ave., Cubao, Quezon City, they also conduct lectures on Healthy Lifestyle management, bodyworks therapy and offers free consultation. They are also active with livelihood programs such as Soya milk production, Herbal preparations, ointment formulating, vegetarian meat processing, etc. to provide grassroots communities the opportunity of being sustainable.

They provide Bodyworks Therapy like

  • Cupping/Hachi
  • Swedish Massage
  • Reflexology
  • Acupressure/Acupuncture/Shiatsu and Myofascial Release Therapy
  • Ion Detoxification
  • Biozap Liver
  • Gallbladder Flushing
  • Kidney Flushing

If one wants to  address not only the needs of the body but also those of the spirit, one can try Pelindaba Healing Center based in Merville Park,  Parañaque City. Pelindaba offers alternative ways of healing mind and body in a mystical garden setting. They offer Acupuncture, Tuina (a form of Chinese Therapy), Dorn gentle spine alignment w/ Breuss massage & auric sweep, Ion cleanse detox, Hypnotherapy- Past life regression & future progression, Card-reading, Coffee-cup counseling, Crystal healing and consultations, Full moon/new moon events & rituals, Meditation classes, Majalrani Tibetan rejuvenating facial and body massage and Reiki, They also offer spiritual house cleansing like Space Clearing and Fengshui Consultations.

For a more Traditional Filipino Experience one can also visit AWHAI – Academy for Wholistic Healing Arts, Inc. located in Salcedo Village, Makati City. Most notable of the services they offer are:

  • Breuss Massage (an Energy-balancing Spine Massage)
  • BEES Treatment (Body Energy Electromagnetic Synchronizer)
  • Alternative Cancer Treatments (Nutritional Oncology)
  • Detox Treatments (Colon, Kidney, Liver & Gall bladder)
  • Iridology ( Iris Diagnosis)
  • Lymphatic Brush and Massage
  • Deep Neuro-Muscular Massage (Meridian/Acupressure Therapy).

They also offer traditional Filipino spiritual healing techniques like:

  • Hiyang Healing (Psychic Surgery, Tawas / Kulam)
  • Spiritual Exorcism (Cleansing of Negative Energies)
  • Hilot (Pre/Post natal and general Filipino Nerve Massage)
  • Ventusa for Pasma (Cupping) Treatment
  • Remote Healing (Distant Healing)
  • Aura Reading
  • Intuitive Reading

These are just some of the Alternative Centers that are worth a patient’s visit here in the city.  Just some parting words, every person is responsible for their own health. Alternative Methods of Healing should always be consulted with a medical practitioner if it is in consonance in their road to recovery. One should always approach this with an open mind and accept that Alternative Medicine is not a cure-all for everybody.

Update: The DigMNL team met one of the up-and-comers in the alternative medicine scene, Doctor Eric D. Jung, who offers consultation and acupuncture services with degrees in Chinese and Western medicine. You can visit his site here.

Best Plants to Grow in Tight Spaces

For most plant lovers, nothing beats like having a garden right in your own backyard. This is ideal for those who have lots of space in their home. However, apartment dwellers and condo unit owners (especially those living in studio-types) in the Metro may find growing plants more challenging. With the usual limited spaces of dwelling, one must be particular with what plants to keep at home. Of course people who prefer the flowering kind already know what plants to tend. For people who aren’t very particular with plants but want to have their own micro mini garden anyway, they ought to sit well in taking care of herbal and other useful plants because of its multitude of use, aside from its aesthetics and recycling carbon dioxide in the air.

Useful flora like various herbs and medicinal plants can be used as spice in cooking food and as treatment for various ailments. Some of the plants that one might be interested in cultivating are:

Rosemary plant

Rosemary is not so hard to find in the Philippines, and not very hard to grow either since it thrives in warm climates. An attractive aromatic woody plant that bears small flowers, it is not only attractive to cultivate at home but it is widely used as spice for pork, fish chicken and barbecued meats. Some people claim that its fragrant scent stimulates the mind and putting potted Rosemary in your table won’t hurt a bit. It is also said to have anti-cancer properties so remember to add some of its leaves next time when you make tea.

Parsley, Chives, and Basil are herbs also loaded with beneficial effects on the body and it is recommended that you also have one in your home. They grow in our climate very well and also don’t take up so much space.

Mint is another plant that is very useful to keep at home. It is a very low maintenance herb although it has a tendency to overtake its environment if left grow on its own. It gives a pleasant flavor with a cool aftertaste in culinary dishes.  With its fresh aroma, Mint leaves can be added to teas, and other beverages, like liquor.  It is known for alleviating stomach aches, chest pains and as anti itch in insect bites. Its crushed leaves will give your home a fragrant minty smell and if planted near entrances will keep ants from trespassing.  Peppermint is a plant with similar properties to Mint although it has a stronger flavor.

If mosquitoes and other insects are common pests in your home, you can try planting Marigolds, Citronella grass, and Catnip. Rosemary is also effective in warding off mosquitoes. However, if you have cats at home, you might opt in eschewing Catnip plants since cats tend to get high with it and make them act in very strange ways.

Don’t know where is the best place to shop for plants in Manila? The best place to buy from is the Manila Seedling Bank Foundation located in Quezon Avenue Extension Corner E. De Los Santos Avenue, EDSA Quezon City. Not only do they have a dizzying array of plants on sale, they also sell other items for your gardening needs. They also give you helpful pamphlets on the plants and can be readily contacted through phone. And yes, they are usually available to answer your calls.

If you cannot visit the Manila Seedling bank, there are enterprising Pinoy gardeners nowadays who advertise directly on the web. Find one near your area as they usually agree on meet ups in places that are convenient to both of you.

So there, one need not have hectares and hectares of land to grow their own plants, you just need to be more resourceful and imaginative to have the most enjoyment out of gardening in a very limited environment. Happy gardening!

Mont Albo Massage Hut

In today’s fast-paced world, we tune ourselves to its rhythm – working round-the-clock, staying connected in every possible means, bombarding ourselves with so many activities to keep an active lifestyle. But all these activities take their toll on our bodies. Once in a while, we try to escape and break free and give ourselves some pampering experience. But nothing beats a sense of touch which our bodies deserve, especially when it’s truly touched by traditions. Escape your stress-filled world today, and enter the doors of Mont Albo’s nipa hut – where touch and traditions meet to give you healing for your mind and body.

Mont Albo Massage Hut is a Filipino-inspired spa specializing in affordable Hilot (Filipino traditional massage) and Home Therapy. It also provides other traditional massages (Thai-Shiatsu, Tui Na, Foot Massage) and luxurious spa therapies such as body scrubs, bentosa (traditional cupping) and suob (herbal steam) at reasonable prices. Unlike other spas in Manila, the theme of Mont Albo Massage Hut is old Filipino paying tribute to the humble nipa hut. Walls with panels of native abacas, ticog, bamboo, bakawan and other natural materials surround the area. Carving murals from Paete, Laguna adorn the walls as well as the massage cubicles. A Katsa curtain, surrounding every massage cubicle, gives out a resting mood and confers a unique character to the vicinity. Scents of Sampaguita, Ilang-ilang and other flowers and herbs provide pleasant and relaxing odors. Facilities would include reception area, waiting lounge, massage cubicles, massage chairs, shower, suob (herbal steam) chamber and couples room.

Therapies consist of traditional massages, body scrubs and add-ons set in the modern spa setting, executed by well-trained dedicated massage therapists. Each branch is supervised by a Licensed or Certified Massage Therapist accredited either by the Department of Health or TESDA. Mont Albo Massage Hut has been delivering these great spa therapies to everyone at affordable prices starting with the 55-peso 10-minute Express Massage and 300-peso 1 hour Mont Albo Massage. Every therapy is ended with the warm Filipino gratitude and a cup of the famous pito-pito tea.

Mont Albo Massage Hut has gone a long way in the wellness industry in its 3 years of existence: three branches (Pasong Tamo, Padre Faura, Park Square 1); training center – Mont Albo Massage And Spa Academy (MASA); website (; and franchising. Aside from these, it has provided stable jobs and opportunities to the less privileged from distant communities. With the future in mind, Mont Albo Massage Hut is constantly looking for ways to achieve its vision of creating a wealthy nation by uplifting health and integrating traditional wellness systems into every Filipino’s way of life.

Visit us today and be touched by traditions.

G/F Jaka Center, Pasong Tamo cor Buendia,
Makati City | +63 2 884-82-58

G/F Padilla Square Bldg. (across Robinsons Place mall),
Padre Faura cor Orosa, Malate, Manila | +63 2 353-16-59

Park Square
G/F Park Square 1 (across Dusit Hotel), Ayala Center,
Makati City | +63 2 577-17-85

Mont Albo SM Hypermarket Cubao
SM Hypermarket (formerly Makro), Main Avenue cor. EDSA, Quezon City
+63 2 585-3247 | +63 917 82-CUBAO | +63 917 822-8226

Grow Your Own Food – A Quick Guide to Urban Farming

Now more than ever, green has become the most popular color in the spectrum. With the growing advocacy on global warming and climate change, more and more people are finding interest in the environment. Would urban dwellers be left behind? Not so, if we take the green lifestyle into a whole new level with urban farming.

“Did I get that right? Farming in the city?” you may think. Actually, many city residents have found a penchant for growing food right in their own backyards, much like those that like to ferment their own food, like kefir. There are a lot of benefits you can get from it. You can control or do without the use of chemical-laden pesticides that are harmful to the body. And freshly-picked crops are not only healthier, they taste better, too.

Buying seedlings cost cheaper than having to get your veggies regularly from the market. Plus, studies prove that living in a green space can make one more productive, more creative and less stressed. How’s that for a natural high?

You don’t need to have a sprawling lawn to grow crops, but an area with direct sunlight is a must. In container farming, you can use an old tire, basin, tin can, basket or plastic water bottle; just remember to put holes at the bottom of the container where water can drain through. Crops such as pechay, lettuce, radish, eggplant, lemon, tomato, dalanghita, and even robusta coffee, are best grown in containers. Same goes for herbs such as basil, rosemary, parsley and oregano.

Fruit trees like mango, lychee and calamansi can be grown in larger containers such as a drum or barrel. You can also make a trellis out of old tires and bamboo poles for vine vegetables like bitter gourd (ampalaya), dishrag gourd (patola) and cucumber.

Of course, you will need seedlings and garden soil ideally mixed with compost and fine sand. Compost as fertilizer makes for organic or chemical-free crops. The Manila Seedling Bank in Quezon City is a great place to buy your urban farming needs, and their staff members are more than willing to give you free pointers to make your farming project prosper.

Their “combo seeds pack” containing ten varieties of vegetable seedlings cost P100, while a pack of herb seeds goes for P75. They also sell garden soil for only P30 per half sack, and compost for P35 per five-kilo pack. Manila Seedling Bank is located at EDSA cor. Quezon Avenue, Quezon City and can be reached at 924-7001 to 02.

Manila Seedling Bank Foundation, Inc.
Quezon Avenue Ext Cor. E. DeLos Santos Avenue,
Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines.
Tel: 02.924.70.01

No plant can grow without water so you will need to keep the soil moist by watering it regularly. Just remember not to overdo it; plants can die not only from thirst but also from drowning.

Another way of growing plants is by hydroponics or soil-less farming. Dr. Eladio Guevarra, president of Mother Earth Hydroponics, explains, “In hydroponics, the food or nutrients required by the plant are dissolved in water. It takes the desired amount of food directly to the roots rather than make the roots look for it. No need for soil, which means you will need less protection against pests and diseases.”

Hydroponic farming is low maintenance and efficient. To build a basic hydroponic garden, you will need a styrofoam box, styrofoam cups, PVC pipes and elbows, rubber hose and tubes, rubber foam, aquarium pump, nutrients (beginners can buy the ready-mixed kind), gravel or small pebbles, and of course, seedlings.

Want to know more about setting up a hydroponic garden? Mother Earth Hydroponics offers courses at the Nego-skwela Livelihood and Training Center along North Avenue, Quezon City. Who knows, a harvest or two later and you’ll be the one teaching your neighbors about soil-less farming!

Mother Earth Hydroponics
Tel: 02.924.51.11 / 02.426.79.40

With the right information and tools, you can create your own lush, green space and inject some green perspective into your life with urban farming.