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Alternative methods of healing the body are making a major comeback in the Philippines.  Since the 90’s, the Philippines joined the growing global trend towards “Holistic Medicine”, where treating diseases not only focused on healing the body with purely scientific methods  but also giving remedy to afflictions of the mind and spirit as well.

Back in 1992, when former Senator Juan Flavier was still the secretary of the Department of Health he came up with the Traditional Medicine Program which promotes the practice of traditional medicine in the Philippines this eventually led to the Traditional and Alternative Medicine Act (TAMA) of 1997.

One of its primary purposes is “to promote and advocate the use of traditional, alternative, preventive and curative health care modalities that have been proven safe, effective, cost-effective and consistent with government standards on medical practice”.

Thanks to TAMA, Filipinos now have more access and freedom to choose alternative methods to restoring their health, without the obligatory popping of medicine/pills prescribed by the doctor whenever they feel sick.

For one, we now have options to eschew buying expensive medicines and just turn to local herbs. Common ailments like cough and asthma can be treated with Lagundi, while  Sambong is known to prevent kidney stones, Tsaang-Gubat  is prescribed for abdominal pains, Yerba Buena is known antidote for fever and body aches, the tiny Niyog-Niyogan is good for eradicating  ascariasis (anthelminthic), Bayabas (Guava) is  for wound disinfection (antiseptic), Akapulko is a good antifungal while Ulasimang-Bato is recommended for arthritis and gout, Bawang (Garlic) is used to lower cholesterol  and Ampalaya (Bitter Gourd) for diabetes.

In recent years, the ubiquitous manghihilot in rural barrios has notched up their reputation as alternative therapy for several  musco-skeletal ailments such as sprains, displacements of the bones, nerves and veins, as the PITAHC plans to accredit the practice of “Hilot” as a recognized therapeutic option for Filipinos. PITAHC or Philippine Institute of Traditional and Alternative Health Care is a body attached to the Department of Health created to  answer the call for the provision and administration of traditional and alternative healthcare products, services and technologies that are safe, effective and inexpensive.

For those who are interested to try alternative medicine in the Philippines, there are several centers in Manila that caters to this demand. Needless to say, Alternative modalities like acupuncture, reflexology has taken firm roots here in the Philippines due to our close association with the Chinese who pioneered this discipline.

For more novel approaches to holistic treatment one can try this center that eschews use of chemicals in treating the body, the BioVitale Holistic Center located in Edsa, Cubao. It employs a combination of Chinese and Western Scientific Medicine and performs treatments with an array of herbal products, laser and Ion therapy. Laser Therapy or Low-Level Laser Therapy claims to restore abnormal cellular functions to normal and improves metabolism and circulation and also quickens tissue healing. Ion Therapy on the other hand, claims to drain the body of toxins that may lead to a number of diseases.

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Another institution, Bio-Safe Center, located in Siena Quezon City offers a wide array of preventive health care and offers and non-invasive technology for treatments. They have several interesting methods for diagnosing diseases in the body, rather than your  usual Urinalysis, Fecalysis and Blood analysis, mind you. One could try ARDK or Automatic Reflective Diagnostic Kinetics that measures the loss of energy or QI vacuity that leads to ailments according to the teachings of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It detects the presence or absence of human energy (bioenergy) in 24 particular acupoints of the wrists and ankles. They also have an interesting technology that was brought from Russia and which was also popular in Europe called  the Bio Resonance Imaging or BRI.

It is said that it uses energy frequencies from brain waves to “scan” the body for possible diseases. It can assess the conditions of a person’s system/organs, detect parasites and check for the patient’s compatibility with certain prescriptions.

They also offer the following services:

  • Spine Alignment (Dorn method) for those with back problems and bad posture
  • Deep Nerve Therapy (Therapeutic massage)
  • Spa (Ionized Purifying Detoxifier)
  • Charcoal Bath (Detoxification)
  • Ozone Spa (Relaxation, Bath exercise)
  • Resonance Music Therapy
  • Bio-Spa and novel complementary treatments like Beam Ray(Light & Sound Therapy)
  • Parasite Protocol (Parasite Eradication)
  • IV Laser Chelation (Rejuvenation, tissue repair)
  • Quantum Test (Physical & Emotional Check-up)
  • Quantum Healing
  • Topical Laser

A one stop center for complementary medicine is the Remnant Health Care Center which is a holistic clinic, employing  Complementary Medicine, combined with Scientific Western discipline and Oriental Medicine. This center offers practical advice about alternative and traditional health treatments from Alternative Medicine physicians, licensed medical doctors and other practitioners.

Located in E. Rodriguez Sr. Ave., Cubao, Quezon City, they also conduct lectures on Healthy Lifestyle management, bodyworks therapy and offers free consultation. They are also active with livelihood programs such as Soya milk production, Herbal preparations, ointment formulating, vegetarian meat processing, etc. to provide grassroots communities the opportunity of being sustainable.

They provide Bodyworks Therapy like

  • Cupping/Hachi
  • Swedish Massage
  • Reflexology
  • Acupressure/Acupuncture/Shiatsu and Myofascial Release Therapy
  • Ion Detoxification
  • Biozap Liver
  • Gallbladder Flushing
  • Kidney Flushing

If one wants to  address not only the needs of the body but also those of the spirit, one can try Pelindaba Healing Center based in Merville Park,  Parañaque City. Pelindaba offers alternative ways of healing mind and body in a mystical garden setting. They offer Acupuncture, Tuina (a form of Chinese Therapy), Dorn gentle spine alignment w/ Breuss massage & auric sweep, Ion cleanse detox, Hypnotherapy- Past life regression & future progression, Card-reading, Coffee-cup counseling, Crystal healing and consultations, Full moon/new moon events & rituals, Meditation classes, Majalrani Tibetan rejuvenating facial and body massage and Reiki, They also offer spiritual house cleansing like Space Clearing and Fengshui Consultations.

For a more Traditional Filipino Experience one can also visit AWHAI – Academy for Wholistic Healing Arts, Inc. located in Salcedo Village, Makati City. Most notable of the services they offer are:

  • Breuss Massage (an Energy-balancing Spine Massage)
  • BEES Treatment (Body Energy Electromagnetic Synchronizer)
  • Alternative Cancer Treatments (Nutritional Oncology)
  • Detox Treatments (Colon, Kidney, Liver & Gall bladder)
  • Iridology ( Iris Diagnosis)
  • Lymphatic Brush and Massage
  • Deep Neuro-Muscular Massage (Meridian/Acupressure Therapy).

They also offer traditional Filipino spiritual healing techniques like:

  • Hiyang Healing (Psychic Surgery, Tawas / Kulam)
  • Spiritual Exorcism (Cleansing of Negative Energies)
  • Hilot (Pre/Post natal and general Filipino Nerve Massage)
  • Ventusa for Pasma (Cupping) Treatment
  • Remote Healing (Distant Healing)
  • Aura Reading
  • Intuitive Reading

These are just some of the Alternative Centers that are worth a patient’s visit here in the city.  Just some parting words, every person is responsible for their own health. Alternative Methods of Healing should always be consulted with a medical practitioner if it is in consonance in their road to recovery. One should always approach this with an open mind and accept that Alternative Medicine is not a cure-all for everybody.

Update: The DigMNL team met one of the up-and-comers in the alternative medicine scene, Doctor Eric D. Jung, who offers consultation and acupuncture services with degrees in Chinese and Western medicine. You can visit his site here.

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