SeriousMD: App Revolutionizes Doctors’ Patient Management


A new app lets doctors take patient- and appointment-management to the digital age

Manila, Philippines – SeriousMD recently released the beta version of its free dentist’s/doctor’s practice and patient management app. Designed to help doctors and their patients schedule appointments easily via synchronized calendars, the SeriousMD Doctor’s app also lets doctors access patients’ medical records on their devices. Early registrants are promised exclusive benefits. A counterpart app for patients is scheduled for release in 2016 and is also going to be available for free. [Read more…]

Hotel Intercon: Where Old Meets New

the-intercontinental-manilaThere are plenty of people who stay in hotels for purposes of leisure or business. There are people who travel alone and those who travel with family, friends, or colleagues. When it comes to this sort of thing, it is always better if a hotel has everything that the travelers need from amenities to facilities.

When it comes to hotels, aside from comfortable rooms, it is also important for the hotel to have in-house conference areas for business meetings and grand celebrations. In addition, dining and entertainment establishments should also be easy to access. For people who are interested in these things and more, the Intercontinental Hotel Manila aims to provide and satisfy.

The Intercontinental Hotel is one of the most outstanding hotels in the metro and is situated in the business and commercial district of Makati City. It is close to a number of shopping centers, food establishments, and business infrastructures. On one side is the ever popular SM chain, on another, the Glorietta and Greenbelt malls.

the-intercontinental-manila-1It is near major roads like EDSA and Ayala Avenue allowing for easy commuting whilst staying in the hotel. Local transport options from buses to jeepneys to taxis are readily available. Also, the hotel is within close proximity to the main rail line of the MTR.

Hotel Intercon is known for its simple yet comfortable rooms. Here, rooms are on the larger side compared to other places in the metro. Each one follows an Asian minimalist style that best suits people who want to engage in some well-deserved rest and relaxation after a busy day of work or shopping.

There are a number of business services that people can take advantage of here including the availability of a business center staffed during standard office hours. Copying, courier, Internet, and email services are also readily available. Executive floors can also be accessed upon request.

An in-house health and fitness facility is also available for all guests to enjoy. The spa and gym area is newly renovated. It also makes use of the best exercise equipment available.

the-intercontinental-manila-2For those who want to relax with a soothing massage, experienced therapists are available round the clock at the famous Suriya Spa. Different forms of therapy can be chosen from by hotel guests and visitors. Each form of therapy is executed by an expert so there is no need to worry.

Guests that want to partake in sinful meals can head on to Café Jeepney for international fare. Also, the prime rib at Prince Albert’s is something that visitors should not miss out on. Also, for those who want to relax with the couple of cocktails and a magnificent view of the Makati skyline should visit the ever popular Club Lounge.

If you ever find yourself in the metro, see to it that you billet yourself at the Intercontinental Hotel for an amazing experience through and through. It is located at 1 Ayala Avenue. It is quite easy to spot so getting lost is not really something that you have to worry yourself with. See you there!

The Intercontinental Manila
1 Ayala Avenue, Makati City, Philippines
793 7000

Greenhills and the Elan Suites

elan-suitesIn the metro, when it comes to shopping, one of the places that come to mind is Greenhills. If you are looking for cheap bargains or imitation apparel, this is the place to go. These days, aside from being one of the most visited shopping areas in Manila, Greenhills is also known as one of the best places to grab a bite in.

Different kinds of people visit Greenhills on a regular basis. Apart from the locals, foreigners love frequenting this compound for the bargains that they can take advantage of. Because of the extra low prices of goods, this is one of the best places to buy gifts and souvenirs from.

If you take a closer look at the Greenhills compound, apart from the shopping and dining areas, several residential areas also exist. There are subdivisions, townhouses, and a number of condominiums and apartment buildings. There are plenty of private residential establishments here but given the number of visitors that frequent the area, there is a need for a for-rent basis residence for those who want to stay in Greenhills.

elan-suites-1The absence of a for-rent basis residence was seen as a good business opportunity by the owners of the Greenhills Elan Suites. Since there are plenty of people who visit the area why not set up a hotel for them to stay in? And everything else is history.

Up to this date, the Greenhills Elan Suites is the first and only hotel in the entire Greenhills area. Aside from the provision of amazing facilities and amenities, visitors can also expect a great view of the Greenhills and San Juan area from this property. The convenience of having the Greenhills shopping area just outside the Suites’ doors is another plus that continuously attracts guests to the hotel.

When it comes to the Greenhills Elan Suites, guests can enjoy amazing living spaces and living in a prime location but apart from this, the establishment also provides their patrons with other things to enjoy. Here, services are impeccable. The well-trained staff really attends to every detail ensuring that all guests have the best possible experience whilst under their care.

elan-suites-2Guests that stay here are treated like kings, queens, princesses, and princes. There are no doors to open and no buttons that need pressing. More so, there are no bags that are left for guests to tote as everything is handled by the members of the staff.

Here, all the guests have to worry about is relaxing in the cozy rooms. Instead of thinking about other things, the guests merely have to think about where to shop and dine. All they have to worry about is how to will spend their day and evening.

To provide even more benefits to those who are interested in staying at the Greenhills Elan Suites, frequent promotions are launched. These can easily cut room costs by as much as fifty percent. This allows almost everyone to have the ability to stay in the hotel and live the good life even if it is just for a couple of days.

If you want to experience living in luxury, book a room at the Greenhills Elan Suites. Enjoy the view, enjoy the food, and enjoy the shopping. Surely you will not regret any moment of it.

Elan Suites
49 Annapolis St., Greenhills, San Juan City, Metro Manila
744 7979

Casino Night at the Manila Pavilion

the-manila-pavilionAsia is well-known for a lot of things. Aside from the wonderful countries belonging to this continent, the friendly people and amazing cultures are also responsible for attracting a number of tourists, day in and day out. There is another thing that several countries in Asia are known for and this is gambling.

Some of the best and biggest casinos can be found in Asia. In the Philippines, the casino culture is rapidly growing and due to this, more and more gambling establishments are being set up by wealthy businessmen. A significant number of foreign investments are also placed into the casino business showing you just how big of a thing gambling is in the country.

In the metro, there are plenty of accredited casinos. By having the accreditation of PAGCOR, this means that such establishments operate legally. Even if there are plenty of legal casinos in the metro, there are still a number of shady gambling setups that cannot be controlled.

Back to the casino culture in the metro, some of the best local casinos are those which are directly operated by PAGCOR. When it comes to PAGCOR run gambling establishments, one of the oldest yet most popular joints is the casino at the Manila Pavilion hotel. After several renovations, the Manila Pavilion hotel now goes by the Waterfront Hotels and Casinos franchise.

the-manila-pavilion-1Even if the place is already established under the Waterfront name, many of its patrons still refer to it as the Manila Pavilion. It has been in business for years and is one of the hotels that have played a role in our history considering its operational history. It’s been here for decades and it continues to satisfy the needs of casino hungry patrons.

But the casino is just one part of the hotel. First and foremost, it is a hotel and this means that great attention should be given to the amenities and facilities. Aside from the casino, the rooms are responsible for attracting clients to this particular hotel.

At the Manila Pavilion, rooms come in different sizes but all come provided with central air conditioning, private shower and bath, coffee and tea makers, mini bar, free access to Wi-Fi, and cable television connection. Aside from these, complete bathroom amenities are provided to all guests as well as international direct dialing phone services. Guests are also provided with free access to the in-house swimming pool.

the-manila-pavilion-2All rooms are exquisitely designed. These living spaces have been created with the goal of providing maximum comfort throughout the day. Apart from the casino and amazing rooms, there are also plenty of places to dine in both inside and outside the hotel.

Outside the hotel, different fast food chains as well as restaurants are readily available to serve hungry patrons. Inside the hotel, guests can choose to dine or grab a drink or two at Seasons, Rotisserie, Boulvar, or at the famous Patisserie bakeshop. Also, the hotel is within close proximity to several hospitals and shopping malls.

For those who want to rest, relax, and play a couple of games or two, the Manila Pavilion is a great hotel to consider. Easy to find, it is located along UN Avenue in Manila. Book a night or two and feel the difference of living the way high society people do.

The Manila Pavilion
UN Avenue, Metro Manila, Philippines
523 8691

Relieving Stress at Stronghand Shooting Range

stronghand-shooting-rangeBecause of the events that are taking place in the world these days, shooting guns have received such a bad rapport. Guns are seen as violent weapons that are used for nothing but evil. This is not entirely the case and there are plenty of people who will disagree with the statement that has previously been made.

Yes, there are guns that people use to harm others but not everyone who carries a gun is a terrorist. There are people who are into guns for the sport aspect of the object. There are plenty of people who are into guns for the sport of shooting.

The sport of shooting is not only an activity that can help people de-stress. It is actually something that can train people to become more disciplined in their everyday lives. Owning a gun is a privilege and not a right and it is reserved for those who know how to handle the weapon properly.

Back to the sport of shooting, this is something that trains people when it comes to discipline and proficiency. Each shot is fired after a series of calculations. Everything from wind direction to wind speed is taken into account when a gun is fired ensuring that the right target is hit.

When it comes to shooting, this is something that is not limited to the pros. There are people who shoot for leisure. It is a great way to relieve yourself from the stresses that everyday living brings about.

stronghand-shooting-range-1In the metro, there are a number of shooting ranges that are readily available for those who want to try shooting guns. Here, guns can be brought in by the patrons or they can be rented for a fee. Bullets are also available for sale and there are range fees that have to be settled as well.

Although shooting at a gun range can be a bit expensive at times, this is an activity that is worth trying out. The thrill that comes with shooting a real weapon compares to none. The adrenalin rush that comes with each fired bullet is actually something that attracts people to the sport.

In the metro, firing ranges differ not only through their rates but also when it comes to their offerings. One of the best shooting ranges in the city can be found along E. Rodriguez in Quezon City. It is called Stronghand Shooting Range.

Stronghand Shooting Range is known for its indoor air-conditioned range which provides clients with comfort as they enjoy their chosen sport. It is also known for its special bullets, these particular bullets are filled with a non-toxic gunpowder mix. Because of the special gunpowder blend used by Stronghand, harmful emissions when the guns are fired are eliminated.

At Stronghand, shooting aficionados can also learn about the basics of handling a gun as instructional classes are available and there is always an instructor on site ready to help inquiring clients. The instructors here are all professionals. Most of them belong to the elite group of Filipino shooters, the PPSA or Philippine Practical
Shooting Association.

Stronghand Shooting Range
La Défense, 1660 E. Rodriguez Sr. Ave. Lungsod Quezon
721 7174

Muay Thai Training at Elorde Boxing Gym

elorde-boxing-gym-3These days, there are plenty of people who are into the mixed martial arts scene. Shows like Strikeforce and the UFC have increased people’s interest in all kinds of martial arts from Jiu Jitsu to Muay Thai. In the metro, the MMA scene is growing pretty fast and one of the most popular disciplines that plenty of folks engage in is Muay Thai.

Muay Thai hails from Thailand and is a form of combative martial arts. Aside from stand up striking, this particular discipline is also centered on a variation of clinching techniques. When it comes to this particular form of competition, a majority of combat movements are done using the feet.

The thing about Muay Thai is that it has been around for ages but it only starting regaining its popularity with the infamy of MMA. Muay Thai is often referred to as the art of eight weapons because of the combination of actions that fighters rely on. Apart from the feet, which are extremely valuable in the Muay Thai scene, fighters also rely on their fists, elbows, shins, and knees.

elorde-boxing-gym-4For those who engage in this particular sport, it is important to associate oneself with a good physical preparation that allows fights to run as if they were choreographed. Although Muay Thai is a full contact sport, each fight is highly efficient. Fighters here do not throw strikes and kicks if these will not be relevant to their desired outcome.

Aside from being a physical endeavor, Muay Thai is also a mental sport. Fighters weigh their opponents’ every move. Everything from the kicks to the steps to the punches is calculated in Muay Thai and this is why it is pretty fascinating to watch.

The MMA scene has risen to new heights in Manila with amateur and professional fighters engaging in battles inside the octagon. There are even a number of events that fly in international MMA champions including UFC phenom GSP, Georges St. Pierre. Surely MMA has caught the attention of people and there are plenty of Filipinos who want to take part in all of the action.

In the city, there are different gyms that offer to train those who are interested in MMA. There are Jiu Jitsu clubs, Karate schools, and boxing gyms. In addition to this, Muay Thai gyms are also available to those who are interested in this particular discipline.

elorde-boxing-gym-5At the Elorde boxing gym, aside from training participants to box, people can also train for Muay Thai. Aside from the boxers that work here, professional Muay Thai fighters are also available for training. It is pretty affordable to train here as each session only costs Php 250 which is not bad at all considering that you are getting a professional trainer with the deal.

Here you will learn the basics of Muay Thai from ring etiquette to the proper stances, kicks, and punches. You need not worry about injuries while you train since you will be sparring with pros who know how to take on amateurs. As your training progresses, so does your knowledge about Muay Thai.

The Elorde gym has several branches in the metro. Visit one of these branches and give their Muay Thai offering a try. Who knows, you might get hooked on the discipline after the first session.

Elorde Boxing Gym
18 Castilla cnr. Granada St., Brgy. Valencia, Quezon City

Elorde Boxing Gym: A Good Day to Fight

elorde-boxing-gymA young man by the name of Gabriel Elorde started engaging in the sport of boxing in his hometown of Bogo in Cebu City. Coming from a poor family, Gabriel thought that a career in boxing will help him achieve the goal of one day supporting his family. He trained as much as he can and began joining the local boxing circuit as an amateur fighter.

Gabriel Elorde was only able to finish the third grade level of his elementary schooling. Aside from boxing, he also earned a small income by working in a bowling alley as a ball boy. He also delved in construction work to help support his family members.

elorde-boxing-gym-1His career in boxing began with the help of his good friend named Lucio Laborle. Laborle was the one who taught Gabriel the basics of the sport. Because of his passion and determination, Elorde was able to learn the ropes in a short period of time.

When he started fighting, he showed such prowess in the sport that he was called Flash Elorde by his fellow fighters. He got this moniker because of his speed in the ring. Elorde was able to receive his first boxing title in 1951.

Flash Elorde won a number of bouts against plenty of tough fighters. His skills in the ring allowed Elorde to achieve the success that he dreamt of for so long. These same skills also allowed him to bring glory to his family and his country.

Flash Elorde has left an indelible mark in the lives of the Filipino people. When it comes to the Philippine boxing community, he continues to thrive as a legend. Amateur and professional boxers all look up to him and his achievements.

The family of Elorde decided to preserve his memory by starting a boxing gym franchise under his name. These days, the Elorde Boxing Gym is one of the most popular boxing gyms in the metro. This is where new fighters and boxing enthusiasts train to be better versions of themselves.

elorde-boxing-gym-2This is one of the few boxing gyms in the metro that is run by actual boxers. The franchise provides opportunities to local boxers to earn a decent living when they are out of the circuit. Just like Elorde, these boxers are the nation’s pride and glory.

The gym is pretty simple, inside you will find a boxing ring and you will also find basic boxing training tools like speed balls, punching bags, and the like.Those that visit the gym are trained by a boxer. Aside from the standard training exercises, several sparring sessions are also included.

Training sessions run for about an hour and a half to two hours. When it comes to this gym, thirty minutes in translates to an intense full body workout that easily relieves stress while helping you shed those unwanted pounds. The workouts here are so effective but they are interesting and enjoyable as well making it feel as if you were not exercising to begin with.

Elorde Boxing Gym
18 Castilla cnr. Granada St., Brgy. Valencia, Quezon City

Selling a Scrooge on Solar Power Systems

I’m a scrooge; I admit it. It takes a lot of hemming and hawing, not to mention endless calculations before I can be persuaded to open the purse strings. As you might expect, this makes me a wary investor in anything you could consider new or revolutionary. And solar power systems definitely fall into those categories for me.

So when a cousin of mine suddenly converted into the cult of private solar energy and tried to get me to do the same, you couldn’t say I jumped at the opportunity.

There were a lot of things I found off-putting about it. Aside from the initial outlay needed to set up such a system, there was also the fact that technology still seemed so new to the Philippines. Surely there had to be some hang-up, I thought.

Maybe local installers were not as good yet as overseas ones, who had been doing it for a rather longer time in most case. Maybe it was still hard to source really good quality materials for systems here. Maybe solar panels just wouldn’t stand the battering that can only be dished out by Philippine typhoons, meaning a huge cash investment could just go down the drain in a matter of minutes.

So much did I say to my cousin, who laughed at my worries.

At least talk to my guys, she said. They’ll tell you if those fears have any basis in reality.

So she directed me to the company that did her installation—UnitedSolar, in case anyone needs the name—and I gave them a reluctant call. After 2 weeks’ hemming and hawing, of course, until I could no longer stand my cousin’s nagging.

Just give them a minute or two to satisfy her, then leave it be, was what I told myself.

Oddly enough, that minute turned into a half-hour. A day later it was a consultation. A week later it turned into a custom solar energy system design for my property. A month later, I found myself the owner of a brand new solar energy setup.

That was one fast-metamorphosing phone call, I thought then.

Now I could chalk it up to magic, the way that company worked on me, but it’s a very mundane magic—though still a rare one, more’s the pity. It was the magic of excellent service combined with sound business sense.

Not only were they polite and heavily focused on my—not just another client’s to fit into a mold, but my—particular needs but they also began negotiations from a simple core idea: that any investment I should make into solar energy setups would be one my pocket could handle and which would start seeing returns as early as possible. That way, I could break even on my investment earlier and save money faster.

“The goal has always been to show people that sustainable power is smart power,” as my contact with them explained. “And smart power isn’t just smart for the environment but also for the consumer. You can save money while saving the environment! Who wouldn’t want that?”

Who indeed? Even Scrooge would be hard put to decline the proposition—as I can attest.

Singing Your Heart Out at Good Times KTV

good-times-ktvKTV or Karaoke as it is widely known around the world is basically singing songs to the tune and lyrics played and posted on a TV screen. All you have to do is follow the words as they are lit. After the end of every song, scores are handed out based on how well you sang the song.

The KTV experience is normally paired with food and drinks. People converse and enjoy good food while others sing various melodies. In some places, people sing on live stages but in some areas, a group of people can have a room all to themselves. In the metro, the latter is what most KTV enjoyers prefer.

KTV is a good experience for a lot of people. At first, it is possible for singers to be a bit shy but after a song or two, they will start acting as if they were pop stars on stage singing songs complete with hand and body gestures. It is a good experience to share with family and friends and this is actually something that has been attributed to the popularity of Karaoke.

The KTV or Karaoke craze began several years ago in Korea and it only took a short amount of time for the same craze to hit other parts of Asia. These days, Karaoke is even popular in other parts of the world from the United States to Europe. In the metro, it is probably one of the most popular pastimes for families and friends.

Because of the influx of Korean expats, several remnants of the Korean culture have become in demand in the country. There are tons of places offering sumptuous Korean barbecue and there are as many places offering the KTV experience. One such place is Good Times KTV which can be found in the Fort Strip of Bonifacio Global City.

Just like the name says, you will surely have a good time when you spend an hour or two at Good Times KTV. At less than two hundred pesos per hour, it is pretty cheap compared to the prices that other KTV areas of the same caliber are charging. What most patrons like about Good Times KTV is that they also offer delicious food choices that are equally as affordable.

Good Times KTV was opened several years ago and has since been the go-to KTV place of those who work or reside in the Taguig area. Located along the BGC Fort Strip, it is pretty easy to find and a good amount of parking spaces is also available. These days, streets are strewn with KTV places but people normally have problems when it comes to the parking.

good-times-ktv-2Because of the location and their offerings, this place packs up pretty fast. If you are interested in giving it a try, see to it that you book a room a day or two in advance. Also see to it that you arrive on time or else your reservation might be forfeited, again because of the high demand for rooms especially during the weekends.

Most KTV places are older and you can easily smell cigarette smoke through the carpets. This is not the case when it comes to Good Times KTV. The owners see to it that everything is well maintained for their clients.

Aside from the comfortably large rooms, the equipment used here are top of the line. Also, song lists are always updated for the clients’ pleasure. At Good Times KTV, you can sing everything from local OPM to Korean Pop to US/Euro melodies.

Good Times KTV
The Fort Strip. 1A and 1B, 3rd Level, The Fort Strip Katipunan Circle, Bonifacio Global City Taguig, Metro Manila, Philippines
478 7795

Need High-Speed Internet on the Road? Try Renting Your Own Travel Router

This week I came upon an interesting service that I think is new here. It’s essentially a pocket WiFi rental Philippines company—a traveler’s solution to connectivity issues around the country.

Now I’m no stranger to these issues. I have to travel a lot because of my job. Though some places have better WiFi offerings than most, they’re still slow compared to your usual home DSL plan.

Normally, you have to make do with public-access or hotel-wide Internet too, and there are clear problems with this in my experience.

Let’s go through some of them. [Read more…]

Nights Out at San Miguel by the Bay

san-miguel-by-the-bayThere are plenty of amazing places to visit around the metro. Tons of foodie joints are available for those who want to sample a variety of cuisines. Malls and parks are available in various locations in the city for those who want to take a stroll.

Even if there are a lot of places in the metro that cater to the needs of foodies, shoppers, or park dwellers, the number of people that visit such places make it tougher and tougher to enjoy because of the crowding that occurs. Also, pollution in the city is quite bad and this is why there are open spaces that people avoid. It is a good thing that there is a new place in Manila that is more accommodating in more ways than one.

Aside from the large mall area that the Mall of Asia complex is known for, there is another spot along its sidelines that people frequent. This is the area that is known as San Miguel by the Bay. It is literally located alongside the cleaner portion of the Manila Bay.

San Miguel by the Bay is home to a mix of commercial spaces, restaurants, carnival rides, a zip line, park recreation facilities, and even an outdoor public gym. There are visitors that go there for the food offerings that include the ever popular Dampa where you can shop for fresh seafood and have the establishments cook them for you. Popular restaurant and bar establishments from Guilly’s to Hooters are also located along San Miguel by the Bay.

san-miguel-by-the-bay-1San Miguel by the Bay is also home to the largest Ferris Wheel in Manila. Each ride costs around a hundred and fifty pesos and lasts for fifteen to twenty minutes. The great thing about this particular Ferris Wheel is that it comes with air conditioning ensuring that riders do not spend a single bolstering moment inside the car no matter what time of day they decide to hop in.

There are other carnival rides that are available for visitors to enjoy and they also have a mini zip line that is quite popular. Several snack and merchandise carts are also available here. They also have Segway-like machines for rent.

Aside from the food establishments and the rides, the local government of Manila also decided to set up several exercise machines along San Miguel by the Bay. Since they are promoting health awareness, they thought that doing so will entice the public to start shaping up. It was a good move as the exercise machines are never vacant.

san-miguel-by-the-bay-2At around four thirty to five o’clock in the afternoon, San Miguel by the Bay fills up with people because it also provides an amazing view of the Manila sunset. This is considered as one of the top ten sunset views in the world. People never tire of seeing it and this is another great attribute of San Miguel by the Bay.

San Miguel by the Bay is home to a lot of great attractions and it is worth visiting. In any given day, you will see all kinds of people along SMB from locals to foreigners all sharing the same food, views, and experiences. Here, everyone has fun.

Located along the vicinity of the SM Mall of Asia complex, SMB is pretty easy to find. Ample parking spaces are also available for the convenience of guests. Security is also strictly enforced so you have nothing to worry about.

San Miguel by the Bay
Seaside Boulevard, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City, Philippines

The Fray Live in Manila

Fresh out of Denver, Colorado, friends Joe King and Isaac Slade formed the American piano rock band called The Fray. The band was formed in 2002 but it was only during 2005 when their debut album was launched. The debit album was entitled How To Save A Life and it immediately reached double platinum status.

The first single from this debut album called Over My Head instantly became a top ten hit in the United States. It was their second single though that brought them worldwide fame and this is the song called How To Save A Life. This became part of several international top ten lists aside from placing as one of the top three songs in the Billboard Hot 100 charts.

After five years, the band released their second album which was a self-titled one. This debuted at the top spot of the Billboard charts. This album also reached gold in three countries namely the United States of America, Australia, and Canada.

During the 2010 Grammy Awards, their sophomore album received a nomination in the Best Pop Vocal Album category but even with the massive success of both albums, the band still had their fair share of critics. Even if this is so, they were able to prove their naysayers wrong as they were part of the top 100 bands of the decade for that same year. They ranked as the 84th band on the Billboard charts.

Unlike other groups, The Fray belongs to a small group of bands that rely on the piano as the main musical instrument for their music. Because of this, they are occasionally compared to other bands which are considered in the industry as piano-driven. Examples of such groups are Coldplay and Keane which both hail from the UK.

According to the band members, their influences include bands like Counting Crows and U2. Also, their music is centered on the rock genre but they have combined it with the influences of modern day alternative, pop, and indie sounds giving their songs that distinct edge. They have been in the scene since 2002 and are promoted under the Epic record label.

They have since released two other albums, a Christmas EP back in 2010 and a full studio album called Scars and Stories in 2011. For the Christmas EP, the band engaged in a collaborative effort with rapper and producer Timbaland. Their song entitled Undertow made it to his Shock Value II album.

The Christmas EP consists of five acoustic Christmas songs and was distributed through the official website of The Fray. They provided free downloads for the tracks and the entire EP. During this time, they also worked on other acoustic covers of more popular songs but were still unsure when it came to the releasing of the tracks.

Their most recent album, Scars and Stories, was launched in 2011. Unlike their previous albums, this one contained songs that were more aggressive focusing on the band members’ personal experiences. They covered everything from themes of happiness to sadness down to those of relationships and war.

They will be holding a concert in the Araneta Coliseum this coming November. Tickets are still available for sale. Do not miss this opportunity to see one of the best pop rock groups today and contact Ticketnet for more details.

Araneta Coliseum
General Araneta Avenue Corner General Roxas Avenue Araneta Center, Cubao,
Quezon City
911 1806

The Arena at MOA

One of the most famous places in Manila today is the SM Mall of Asia Complex in Pasay City. The Mall of Asia Arena or MOA Arena is an indoor complex within the Pasay compound. Opened in June 16 2012, the area has a full seating capacity of 20000, 16000 of which are available when sporting events are held in the location.

Compared to other complexes, a great feature is the retractable seats ensuring ultimate comfort when you watch your favorite concerts or sports events. Also, parking will not be a problem for all patrons since the arena has its own parking building with 2000 spaces for vehicles of all sizes. This is truly a convenient venue for shows of all types.

Whenever the Smart Araneta Coliseum is unavailable, the arena serves as an alternative venue for the Philippine Basketball Association or PBA. Recently, it was also named as the official home of the UAAP or University Athletic Association of the Philippines. This is one of the two collegiate basketball leagues in the country.

Within the SM MOA Complex, the Arena is the latest development projects. It was started back in 2010 and the architects saw to it that the final product will be an icon that people will continuously talk about. The architects succeeded as the new age eye pattern design really had people talking.

The goal of the developers was simple. They wanted a complex that can be used for all kinds of shows. They did not want a simple coliseum as they were interested in elevating the level of entertainment in the Philippines.

The owners were involved in the project from start to finish. From the conceptualization of the building to the sourcing of furnishings and the like, the Sy family played important roles in the formation of one of the best event places in Manila. They made sure that everything was top notch from the seats to the acoustics ensuring that every show held in the arena will be second to none.

The arena was modeled after the Staples Center in America. Even though the Smart Araneta Coliseum is a popular location for all kinds of events, it is pretty outdated. The people needed a new place to enjoy their concerts or sporting shows in.

The SM Group also wanted to provide show producers with an alternative venue for their events. They wanted to create a venue that will please not only the members of the audience but the artists or athletes themselves. They wanted Manila to have something that can compete with the arenas and complexes that can be found in other parts of the world.

There are different seating sections that you can choose from here. You have the patron and lower box sections as well as the upper box and general admission sections. There are also a number of corporate suites that can be rented on an annual basis.

Different food and dining options can also be found inside the arena. There are snack bars and full service restaurants that you can choose from. It is also conveniently connected to the main Mall of Asia establishment.

Mall of Asia Arena
MOA Arena, Sunset Avenue, Pasay City, Philippines

Wilson Phillips Live in Manila

Sisters Carnie Wilson and Wendy Wilson together with childhood friend Chynna Phillips compose the famous all-girl trio Wilson Phillips. Debuting during the 1990s, Wilson Phillips has created a name for itself thanks to millions in sales on their self-titled debut album plus 3 Billboard Top 100 hits. It was also during this year that the band received the award as the best-selling female group.

It was their single entitled Hold On that garnered them the Billboard Music Award for Hot 100 Single of the Year during this time. Aside from two American Music Awards nominations, the group was also nominated for four Grammy Awards. Upon the band’s launch, Wilson Phillips did not show any signs of slowing down.

During the mid-seventies, the Wilson sisters together with Phillips grew up in Southern California. Early on in their lives they knew that they were meant for greatness in the music industry. They started working together as youngsters, composing songs and writing melodies, and they were eventually signed by SBK Records before the dawn of the nineties.

The release of their carrier single Hold On came out after Madonna’s Vogue hit the airwaves. Wilson Phillips was actually able to bump off Madonna’s single from the Billboard Top 100 charts the minute the single came out. Aside from the United States, their single was also part of other International Top 10 hits lists.

From the same self-titled album came four other singles that were also chart-toppers in their own right. These songs include Release Me, You’re In Love, Impulsive, and The Dream Is Still Alive. Back in the early nineties, the group was also able to beat the record set by The Supremes when their album was recognized as the best-selling female group of all time solely based on album sales.

Their sophomore album came out in 1992. It was entitled Shadows and Light. For the band, this was the album that contained songs of a more serious nature involving themes from child abuse to parental estrangement.

Just like other groups, there comes a time when band members want to try their luck at solo careers. For Wilson Phillips, this time came in 1992 after the release of their second album. This was the time when Chynna Phillips decided that it was about time for her to go solo.

For ten years, the band went on hiatus. While Chynna Phillips worked on her solo project, the Wilson sisters also stayed busy working on a joint album. Chynna Phillips released an album called Naked and Sacred and the Wilson sisters entered into a musical collaboration with their father, the famous Brian Wilson.

In 2004, Wilson Phillips reunited and the album called California was released. Unlike their previous works, this album contained cover songs. Even if this was the case, their rendition of Fleetwood Mac’s Go Your Own Way reached the top of the charts.

They have since resumed touring and are now visiting the Philippines for a one-night-only show. The concert will be held in the Mall of Asia Arena on October 12, 2012. Tickets are still available so see to it that you don’t miss out on this musical opportunity.

Mall of Asia Arena
Sunset Avenue, Mall of Asia Compound, Pasay City
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Up with High Society at the Manila Peninsula

One of the grandest hotels in the metro can be found in the center of the Makati CBD and it goes by the name of the Peninsula Manila. This 5-star hotel can be found on the corner of Ayala and Makati avenues and is within close proximity to a number of major entertainment destinations and office infrastructures. Guests can either walk to the malls, museums, and offices or choose to take a short cab ride.

This particular hotel has become a landmark in the city of Makati because of its exteriors. There is a fountain and falls setup that never ceases to amaze all those who pass by the building. In the evening, the fountain is lit from all angles making the sight even more spectacular.

The Peninsula Manila is actually a branch of the world renowned Hong Kong and Shanghai Hotels Group that is based in Hong Kong. Unbeknownst to many, this is actually the first Peninsula Hotel branch that is not inside the territories of China. In the metro, the lobby of the Peninsula Manila is also the most distinct hotel lobby there is.

The International Monetary Fund held a conference in Manila and the hotel was actually built to coincide with this particular event. As of today, the hotel has already undergone several renovations the most intensive one being that after the coup during the term of President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo in 2007. Through the years, the hotel has earned the title of Jewel in the Capital’s Crown.

Because of the long established reputation of the Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong, the Makati branch no longer saw the need to extensively advertise the hotel when it first opened several decades ago. There is a total of 468 rooms and suites here all of which are situated in the two wings of the hotel. All parts of the hotel, even the roof, have become nationally recognized for the special events that were held in the Peninsula Manila.

Aside from the high-class amenities that you can enjoy, there are also plenty of excellent foods that you can dive into at the Peninsula Manila. There are several restaurants that offer  diverse series of foods here. Surely every meal will be a memorable one.

If you are looking for something light, the pica-pica and merienda fare offered by the Lobby Lounge can satisfy your cravings. Aside from the tea cakes, samplers, and sandwiches, there are Filipino set meals served here as well. Their best-selling menu item is the German Schueblig sausage which is grilled to perfection and comes with a side of fries.

Classic Italian fare is also available here. Offered in a fine dining setting, you can enjoy sumptuous Italian meals cooked with nothing but the finest ingredients. From the fresh handmade pasta to the slow-cooked lamb, you will surely love every morsel.

If you are looking for Filipino food, you will also find something that will please your palette here. There are times when the perfect dish can make your day even better. This is something that the hotel wants to provide you with, fine food and world-class facilities.

If you want to experience the best in hotel living, see to it that you book a room at the prestigious Peninsula Manila. Wine, dine, and relax to your heart’s content. You will not regret it.

The Peninsula Manila
Ayala Avenue cnr. Makati Avenue, Makati City
887 2888

Modern Living at Dusit Thani Makati

Although there are plenty of different accommodations in the city, not all of them provide quality services to their guests. This is where Dusit Thani Makati comes in. It is known as a high-class business and family hotel that can provide you with the kinds of services that will surely make your stay a pleasurable and productive one indeed.

It is situated in the heart of the Makati CBD. Located within the proximity of office buildings and entertainment centers, this hotel makes everything accessible to its guests. You have an option to walk or take a short cab ride to the nearby malls, theaters, museums, and office centers.

Guests can choose to stay at one of the 538 rooms and suites offered by the hotel. The Dusit Thani Makati has recently been renovated and this is why you can expect nothing but the best amenities and facilities during your stay. Another thing that makes this hotel better than the rest is the state-of-the-art design employed in each guest room.

There are six room types to choose from at the Dusit Thani Makati. There are the deluxe, club, corner, and grand rooms as well as two suite types namely the ambassador and presidential suites. This means that no matter how many guests your group consists of, there will always be an option for comfortable living spaces at this hotel.

Health conscious guests can take advantage of facilities such as the DFiT Fitness Centre and the Devarana Spa. The spa can be found on the second floor and it offers services from manicures to pedicures to an assortment of traditional and specialty massages to guests that want a relaxing experience to cap off their day. The fitness center on the other hand provides guests with the best training and exercise equipment in a 973 square meter space.

This hotel also provides options when it comes to ballrooms and meeting halls. If you need an events place, you can book one of the eleven specialized rooms in the hotel. These vary by shape and size and it is possible to link several rooms together to achieve an even larger area.

Dusit Thani Makati is also an excellent place for wining and dining as it has a number of high-class restaurants that offer nothing but the best fare in the metro. It starts off with Tosca which is their Italian restaurant. Aside from the food, this place is also favored because of its amazing wine list.

Umu is the Japanese restaurant at Dusit Thani Makati. Here, there are windows from which diners can view the chefs preparing some of their signature dishes. Diners can also choose to reserve private dining halls for functions and the like.

Since this is a Thai hotel, of course they will have a restaurant that serves nothing but the finest Royal Thai Cuisine. This restaurant is called Banjarong. If you are interested in an array of international dishes, Basix restaurant is the place to visit.

Simpler dining options can be found at the Dusit Gourmet which is also their in-house patisserie. If you simply want to lounge, there is the Lobby Lounge. For beer and live music, head off to Fiesta San Miguel.

Dusit Thani Makati
Ayala Center, Makati City, Philippines
238 8888

Timeless Manila Hotel

There is a long history that is attached to the Manila Hotel. It first opened its doors back in 1912 and was only renovated when the seventies came along. Aside from being a site known for a number of historical events, this place also has its fair share of political intrigues.

Before the 1900s came about, there was a plan that was commissioned for urban Manila. Beginning with a park at one end, a long boulevard filled with trees will be created spanning a length that has the Manila Bay at its other end. This is what is now known as Roxas Boulevard and according to plan, there is one major hotel that dominates the area and this is the Manila Hotel.

Because the execution of these plans lasted for more than a decade, there was a new architect that took over after some time replacing Daniel Hudson Burnham. Several more years passed by before the Manila Hotel was finally completed and what came about was a majestic building that housed 149 grand suites. Aside from the spectacular living spaces, the hotel also offered its guests amazing views of Intramuros, Corregidor, the Manila Bay Sunset, and of course, Luneta Park.

The Manila Hotel became the social refuge for some of Manila’s most privileged citizens. Government officials entertained and conducted business dealings at this hotel with their international comrades. This became the official site for most events sponsored by Manila’s high society back then.

At this hotel, one of the most popular guests back then was General Douglas MacArthur. He stayed here during the midst of the Second World War when the Americans were aiding the Filipinos in their fight against the Japanese soldiers. During the course of the occupation, he stayed at the penthouse located atop the Manila Hotel.

After the war, the hotel needed a couple of repairs and after it was opened for business in the forties, it became well-known for being the choice hotel of celebrities like Bob Hope and Marlon Brando. Richard Nixon and Robert Kennedy stayed here as well together with other influential American government leaders. When the Beatles arrived for a concert in Manila, this too became their welcoming accommodations.

Towards the end of the sixties, the Manila Hotel also became the site for a particular ASEAN summit that was held to discuss possible aid solutions for Vietnam which was constantly at war back then. Meetings were constantly held at the Fiesta Pavilion of the hotel. This was also the site used for the Philippine Constitutional Convention during the seventies.

There was a time when the original owners of the hotel could no longer handle the increasing costs of operations and this was when the government took over liquidating the original Manila Hotel Company. The task of renovating and refurbishing the Manila Hotel was given to GSIS. All efforts were conducted indirectly with the help of a subsidiary corporation which answered to the national government.

The new Manila Hotel formally opened its doors in 1977. It then became a constant hangout for the Marcos Family when they were in power. Frequenting the hotel was First Lady Imelda Marcos.

It also became the site for a coup courtesy of Marcos’ supporters. After some time, then presidential candidate Cory Aquino delivered a speech here that will eventually lead her to power and the rest is history. So if you want to relive Manila’s history, see to it that you book a night or two at the prestigious Manila Hotel.

The Manila Hotel
Bonifacio Drive, Manila, Philippines
527 0011

Luxury Amenities at Makati Shangri-La Hotel

Unlike other hotels in the metro, guests at the Makati Shangri-La Hotel get to experience the most of what the city has to offer. This is because the hotel is strategically situated in the heart of one of the metro’s best business and entertainment districts which is Makati City. Businesses, shopping centers, food establishments, and the like are only walking distance from Makati Shangri-La.

If you want to shop, you will find Greenbelt and other Ayala Malls across the hotel. Also, several museums can be found within the vicinity if you want to experience a more cultural trip. For those who travel for foodie adventures, there are plenty of restaurants, bars, and local hangouts in the area that can be visited as well.

The location of Makati Shangri-La is amazing but this is not the only feature that its guests love. The thing about this hotel is that it offers nothing but the best amenities and facilities. It is a five star hotel after all and you can really experience the luxury through the hotel’s numerous services.

The minute you enter the hotel, you will be welcomed by a grand spiral staircase that flows on both sides with a magnificent chandelier in the middle. Imported marble floors and intricate wooden furniture can be found in the lobby and reception areas. Everything evokes a sense of warmth and calm.

The most courteous bellmen will assist you with your belongings and you will be directed to the reception area for check-in. After all the paperwork has been processed, you will be brought to the room floors. At Makati Shangri-La Hotel, there are 696 rooms that are said to be 696 of the best appointed suites in the metro.

For every room floor, there is a Zen waterfall that welcomes the hotel guests. The rooms at this hotel are larger than the average offerings of other establishments. Each one is designed to have a minimalist look that adds to the rest and relaxation of the guests.

Modern wooden furniture and chrome fixtures adorn the spaces. You also get to enjoy a pillow menu aside from the basics like a TV, mini bar, fridge, shower and bath combo, et cetera. When it comes to the bed linens, you can expect nothing lower than 300-threadcount sheets.

There are eight restaurants in the hotel. For casual dining, the Lobby Lounge and Pool Bar offer great eats like burgers, sandwiches, dim sum, and an array of drinks and desserts. For Japanese cuisine, visit Inagiku, for Chinese, there is Shang Palace.

They also offer multi-cultural cuisines through their buffet option served at Circles. If you want to try some French or Italian fine dining fare, you can dine at Red. To cap of your meal, why don’t you visit Conway’s Bar to get a couple of drinks and enjoy some live music while you are at it?

Remember, if you want nothing but the best, book a night at the luxurious Makati Shangri-La Hotel. Here is where you can wine, dine, and relax in style. Located in the heart of the Makati CBD, you will experience nothing but the best at Makati Shangri-La Hotel.

Makati Shangri-La Hotel
Ayala Avenue corner Makati Avenue, Makati City
813 8888