SeriousMD: App Revolutionizes Doctors’ Patient Management


A new app lets doctors take patient- and appointment-management to the digital age

Manila, Philippines – SeriousMD recently released the beta version of its free dentist’s/doctor’s practice and patient management app. Designed to help doctors and their patients schedule appointments easily via synchronized calendars, the SeriousMD Doctor’s app also lets doctors access patients’ medical records on their devices. Early registrants are promised exclusive benefits. A counterpart app for patients is scheduled for release in 2016 and is also going to be available for free.

“Put together, the two apps mean a more efficient way of getting patients to doctors and vice versa,” says co-founder Dennis Seymour. “No more long wait lines at clinics just to try and get appointments. No more misdiagnoses due to an inability to grab patient information. We believe helping people become healthy shouldn’t be a challenge, so our apps make it easier for doctors to get to the people who need them the most.”

The apps came into being from one of the founders witnessing a negative experience with doctor-patient scheduling and record-management firsthand. He got together with others who had seen the same problem, and a development team was brought in to craft the apps.

About SeriousMD: SeriousMD is a brand under LeapFroggr Inc., and is composed of a team of people dedicated to problem-solving the difficulty of healthcare access in the Philippines. The two SeriousMD apps will be available on in 2016. If you are a doctor and want to help test out the app for free, please signup here.

Contact: Contact SeriousMD here.

UPDATE: The SeriousMD Doctors app for clinic, patient and practice management is now available in the AppStore! Click here to download!


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