Up in the Attic

Another weekend is up and coming and this means another great night of partying with a few friends. What better way to relieve yourself from the stresses of the workweek by dancing the night away?  And indulging in a few drinks while you are at it?

There are plenty of clubs that surround the Metro area these days but Attica Bar and Lounge is one of the best places that you can visit. It is located within the Makati CBD at the new A. Venue Mall along Makati Avenue and General Luna Street. Parking is not going to be a problem at this place.

The mall is relatively new but there are a number of restaurants that have already started with their operations. If you want, you can grab a bit first before partying the night away. There are different options from Thai to American to Filipino to Italian so there will surely be something for everyone.

However, there are a few rules that you should remember when you plan to go clubbing and the first one is the dress code. Attica is not as strict when it comes to this but they are very strict when it comes to footwear. Aside from this, you can wear virtually anything but keep in mind that you are going to a bar and not the beach, so no board shorts please.

Upon entering the establishment, you will notice the many seating areas but you cannot get a table just like that. These tables are part of their offerings, meaning that you have to spend a certain amount of money on drinks if you wish to have a table to sit at. This is what they call the consumable table fee.

Their doors open at 9pm, which is quite early when it comes to clubbing. Expect people to start arriving by midnight and they will surely be partying until the wee hours of the morning. If you want to enjoy the ambiance and have a dessert or two, you may certainly do so, but see to it that you go early.

This is a place that is characterized by dancing and drinking. Make sure that you are ready for a little partying when you visit Attica. Get drinks by the bottle as this is a cheaper alternative to buying your drinks per shot or per serving. You can mix the drinks yourselves depending on what you like.

The kind of music that they play varies from deejay to deejay. The night might be started with some house music and then capped off with some hip hop tunes. Some deejays will play remixed slow jams and there are some that play electronica on occasion.

There are different kinds of music that will flow from the speakers but this does not matter because, regardless of what the deejays play, I assure you that you will enjoy your night at Attica Bar and Lounge. Come in with a few friends and party the night away. Cap off your night with some drinks via bottle service.

If clubbing is what you have in mind, take note of Attica Bar and Lounge. It is one of the hippest places in the Metro and surely an establishment that will satisfy your cravings for a good time.

Attica Bar and Lounge
G/F, Antel Lifestyle City, A.Venue Mall, A. Venue Mall, Makati Ave. cor. Gen. Luna St.,
Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines

Between heaven and Earth – Limbo Bar & Art Gallery

All over the world, us Filipinos are known for a plethora of things. Philippine beaches, colorful history and sincere hospitality, these are solid Pinoy trademarks. I think you’d agree though that there are two things that top the list of intrinsically Pinoy characteristics. Number one would have to be our great food. The Filipino taste buds have been honed through years of exposure to Spanish, Malay, Chinese, Japanese and American cuisine. A fusion of eastern and western influences, we definitely have the best of both worlds! It’s a fact. Pinoys know and love great food.

Our nation’s second trademark is our palpable passion for life. In fact, expats and locals agree that the Filipinos definitely know how to have a great time. Art, great food and spending time with close friends, now that’s a favorite combo of Pinoys! This is precisely why I think the concept behind Limbo Bar Manila is simply genius!

From the imaginative mind of a famed local photographer Wesley Villarica, Limbo Bar combines art, music, delish cocktails and fantastic food. The owner’s eye for great details as a photographer naturally flows into the whole design of the establishment.

Fresh and lofty, the high ceiling of Limbo Bar gives off a contemporary aura to the place. The floor length curtains concealing its glass windows enhance both the interior and outdoor design while providing privacy to its customers. Plush leather seats, minimalist tables and impeccable lighting design completethe interior décor. Perhaps the greatest touch to the ambience of Limbo Bar is the video display. Breathing a fresh and youthful take on traditional framed artworks, Limbo Bar takes the perks of modern technology and takes art to greater heights.

Projected along its walls are high definition photos and digital art. Being the first fully digital bar and art gallery in the country, Limbo is definitely a great addition to the Metro Manila art scene. Couple the magical video projections and chic furniture with brilliant music, I’m telling you the word “perfect” is an understatement.

Because Limbo is a bar, naturally they have cocktails. From tangy mojitos with fresh mint to your favorites shooters, the bar menu is yours for the taking. And if you get the munchies, there’s no need to fret. Limbo offers an extensive menu of delicious food. Take note, these are not your typical bar chow. Sophisticated palettes are easily satisfied with such gourmet treats as deviled eggs, chicken spring rolls, beef sate and asparagus spears wrapped in ribbons of yummy Italian prosciutto. Oops sorry. I didn’t mean to make your mouths water. If just reading that made you hungry then you better head to Limbo Bar to see just how good the food is!

Located at the posh area of Global City, you can find Limbo Bar at the Grand Hamptons Tower 2, 31st Street corner 1st Avenue in Fort Bonifacio. Because they have VIP rooms and premier seats at the mezzanine area, the place is also ideal for intimate parties with friends.

Aptly named, Limbo Bar & Art Gallery is no doubt a place between heaven and earth. If you love everything that’s great about art, music and dining then call up your posse and head for Limbo!

Limbo Bar & Art Gallery
Grand Hamptons Tower 2, 31st Street cor. 1st Avenue,
Fort Bonifacio, Global City

San Miguel Oktoberfest 2010 – Great Tasting Beer and More

It’s that time of the year again, and we’re not talking about Christmas. In fact, it probably is for some!

Yes, we’re talking about the much anticipated annual drinking festival that is Oktoberfest! Only this time, bigger, badder, and if San Miguel has proven time and time again, Oktoberfest 2010 will be a festival unlike any other.

San Miguel Oktoberfest officially opens on September 10, 2010 at SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds with non-stop shows from the hottest acts in town, exciting games, beautiful people and of course endless flow of San Miguel Beer.

And it doesn’t stop there. After SM Mall of Asia, expect non-stop parties across the nation from Luzon, Visayas to Mindanao.

There’s no shortage of beer to choose from either. You’ve got San Miguel Pale Pilsen, San Miguel Premium All-Malt, San Miguel Super Dry, Cerveza Negra, San Mig Strong Ice, Red Horse Beer, San Mig Light and Gold Eagle Beer. And in sticking to tradition, San Miguel will once again make available its San Miguel Oktoberfest Beer, the first-ever all-malt light beer, also known as the “Oktobrew.”

So what are you waiting for? Tagay pa!

Schedule of Events:

  • Sept. 10, 2010 – SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds
  • Sept. 11, 2010 – Paseo de Sta. Rosa, Laguna
  • Sept. 17, 2010 – SM City Davao
  • Sept. 18, 2010 – Robinsons Starmills Pampanga
  • Sept. 24, 2010 – Parkmall, Mandaue Cebu

P.S. Drink Moderately and only if you’re of legal age. And don’t be stupid enough to drink and drive.

Republiq – Newest Super Club of the Metro

For some people, hitting the clubs during weekends is a way to celebrate the end of a grueling workweek. Spending a fun night with good friends and great music is always delightful. Since weekdays are usually spent in the office, a visit to a dance club is a refreshing change of scenery. I think you’d agree when I say that now, more than ever, the nightlife in Metro Manila is in full swing.

Manila’s club scene has definitely gone a long way. With a significant growth in the number of young urban professionals with their full pockets and rising levels of sophistication, the whole format of nocturnal Metro Manila greatly improved. Also, a probable cause of recent upgrades would have to be the influx of expats in the country. Gone are the days when hole in the wall places with dodgy lights, lousy sound systems and half-filled bars passed as “night clubs”. Today, Manila’s dance clubs are clearly au courant.

If your idea of a great night out is hitting the dance floor with your friends then I have great news for you! A new super club has risen and is absolutely setting the bar high. What’s the name of the newest haven for club goers? It’s simply called, Republiq.

The brainchild of the same people behind the former Embassy and now Encore, you know that these people couldn’t go wrong even if they tried. Boasting a similar ambience to the said clubs, the only difference is that at Republiq, everything is grander.

Located at the Resorts World entertainment complex, Republiq is of course at par with its neighbor’s lavish panache. Coming in, guests are greeted by a friendly group of security staff for the routine bag checks. Before entering the actual club, a huge lounge with plush seats welcomes guests in. Upon entering the actual club, I must say I was truly impressed. Its interiors echo classical design mixed with contemporary sensibilities. Architectural arcs on both sides of the walls exude elegance while modern perks like synchronized club lights and superb sound systems are also present. I must say, they’ve achieved the fundamentals of contemporary lavishness.

With a capacity of 800 people, the massive wooden dance floor is yours for the taking. Featuring Manila’s top DJs, you can count on great music throughout the night. And since this super club is located at Resorts World Manila, there’s no curfew. What does that mean? You can dance your hearts out until morning! I also think placing bars on every end of the club is genius. Your favorite cocktails, alcoholic pops, wines and beers are all just a few steps away. Of course, you can also get one of the VIP tables located smack, right the middle of the club. If you don’t feel like going to the bar and getting your own drink, friendly Republiq employees are there to serve you.

If you’re a hard worker then you definitely deserve weekend treats. Always keep yourself revitalized! Keep things fresh. Some people are into quiet nights spent at home. Don’t get me wrong, spending a night at home sounds perfectly decent. But if you’re intrinsically a party animal, then Republiq is definitely the place for you! Now you know what to do. Send an SMS to all your party buddies and tell them that this weekend, all of you will finally be citizens of the Republiq!

Republiq Club
Second Level, Newport Mall, Resorts World Manila, Pasay City, Philippines, 1309
Phone: +63.917.550.8888 / +63.2.856.0128 / +63.2.856.0914
Hours: Wed: 9:30 pm – 5:30 pm and Fri – Sat: 9:30 pm – 5:30 pm
Contact: info@republiqclub.com or reservations@republiqclub.com

Resorts World Manila – We’ve Definitely Upped the Ante

If you’re a member of corporate Manila I’m sure you’d agree that in today’s fast paced life of constant hustle and bustle, getting drained and burnt out from work is inevitable. Sure, our daily work routines make us efficient career wise, however, taking a break is always a good idea. Breaks help us keep a fresh perspective. That’s why at the end of a busy workweek, taking a breather, a break from it all, is mandatory. You know how the old saying goes; “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” You don’t want to be dull Jack now, do you?

A new playground in town that seemed to have sprouted out of nowhere is shaking up Metro Manila. The great news is that it offers something for everybody. Whether your idea of a fun weekend is partying with friends or a luxurious dinner-date, you’ll find everything you want in a place called Resorts World Manila.

Resorts World Manila is the country’s newest luxury entertainment resort located at the heart of Newport City, Pasay. Though the development is relatively recent, the place is already famous to people, both local and foreign, because of the resort’s sheer size and sense of grandeur. This complex is definitely a refreshing and amusing addition to Metro Manila’s enchanting skyline. Just across the Ninoy Aquino Terminal 3, it’s impossible to miss. A joint project between powerhouse companies AGI and Genting Group, it was a success story from the start.

Think: The Las Vegas or Macau of the Philippines only better! This place truly offers world-class entertainment in Metro Manila. Gambling for some people is entertainment although it can get tricky. Personally, 100 Pesos (around 2 USD) is all I can comfortably spend on the slot machines. I guess I’m not that adventurous. If you’re into poker, playing the friendly tables is an option and a great opportunity to meet new friends. Although majorly being promoted as a luxury casino resort, there’s definitely more to this place than just gambling.

The complex will also serve as a haven for shopaholics. Most establishments around the complex are operational while some areas are nearing completion. Oh how exciting it was to see a long row of designer boutiques all inside the Newport Mall! Differently themed restaurants and cafes line the complex for all you foodies out there! High-end cinemas are also on their way, I can almost feel the plush seats! A world-class cinema with a tub of buttery popcorn and a good movie, heaven on earth! No doubt Manila’s film buffs would rave once the cinemas are fully operational.

There’s also a wide array of in-house entertainment acts to choose from. From the traditional show bands like Elan that play music from the 70’s and 80’s or Arriba whose repertoire consists of pop-Latin to authentic Latin music, the choices are endless. World famous acrobats like the Power Duo and Essence Trio performances can also be seen at Resorts World Manila. If you’re not familiar with these acts, a few searches online will surely leave you with your jaws open. Seeing them live, in person would simply be amazing! If you’re into the clubbing scene, aside from the bars inside the hotels in the complex, Republiq is another must-see club found at this entertainment center.

With the demanding and grueling tasks at work, spending a weekend at the Resorts World Manila will surely be a well-deserved treat. So what are you waiting for? Hit up your friends and make the next weekend a date. When it comes to world-class entertainment, Resorts World Manila has definitely upped the ante.

Resorts World Manila
Newport Boulevard, Newport City
Pasay 1309, Metro Manila, Philippines