A Different Kind of Workout at Elorde Boxing Gym

Let’s face it: it is not easy to exercise. It is difficult in the sense that people find it to be much of a hassle considering that most of them say that they live very busy lives and every minute needs to be spent for a particular purpose.

But when it comes to something like exercising, it is not always about the time element. A lot of people do not exercise simply because they are too lazy to lug themselves to a gym. The traveling element itself becomes too much of a burden here.

It is probably because of the usual routines that are involved when people exercise. Doing the same things over and over again can really be a tad boring when you have reached a certain point in time. Variety is what you need if you want to motivate yourself and others to exercise more often.

This is where Elorde Boxing Gym comes in. This is nothing like the regular gyms that have sprouted up around every corner of the city. Elorde does not have all sorts of fancy equipment all lined up for the gym-going masses. Instead, they stick only to the equipment that you will need to train as the professional boxers do.
Elorde is a boxing gym: plain and simple. There is nothing fancy about this place. When you set foot in any Elorde Boxing Gym, you should be prepared for the extreme training session ahead.

Again, the focus of this gym is boxing, so expect to start off with some warm-ups and stretching exercises. You need not worry for they offer personal trainers for each person and all you have to do is give them tips but this is entirely up to you. You will then be subjected to numerous sparring sessions where they will teach you the fundamentals of boxing from the jabs to the hooks and the dips as well.

Everything happens in three-minute intervals here. After each exercise, you get a one-minute break and then you need to go back to work. When you finish three rounds of sparring, you will be instructed to do some speedball training and then you will be instructed to go a couple of rounds with the heavy bag.

Elorde Boxing Gym is not simply about learning how to punch but it is also about teaching the gym-goers the kind of discipline that goes into the sport that is boxing. Unlike regular gyms, you will find that the trainers here are rather strict and this is actually better. The great thing about the trainers here is that they are composed of amateur and professional boxers so you know that you are learning from the best.

Here at Elorde, every session costs Php 250 for non-members and Php 200 for members. You can also choose the 10-session option wherein you will be asked to pay an amount of Php 1500 for ten sessions, making each one only Php 150. This particular option will stand for two months before expiring.

It is advisable that you bring your own set of boxing gloves and hand wraps. They have several pairs that you can borrow but, hygienically speaking, it will be better if you have your own set. Also, wear comfortable exercise clothes like some track pants or shorts, a cotton shirt, some sport socks, and training shoes because you will be on your feet for the entire duration of the session.

Elorde Boxing Gym
2/F #16 Castillas cor. Granada Street, Brgy. Valencia, Quezon City

Urban Combat Manila – Learn the Tactical Ropes of Airsoft

Men are natural born hunters. No matter how much evolution humans have gone through, the male instinct undoubtedly remains. I’m sure you’d agree when I say that men simply seek adventure. They want it. They crave for it. Need it even! Just because you’re a 21st century urban male, it doesn’t mean that you have to loose your innate passion for exploring exciting activities. Sure, you can do the usual, Play basketball on the weekends, maybe a bit of badminton and a session in the gym. But really, you know you want something more unusual and stimulating.

If you’re looking for an activity that’ll give you a good workout, live your fantasy and enhance your tactical skills while getting you all pumped-up then I’ve one word for you: Airsoft! Although this sport is relatively new to the country, the great number of individuals that enjoy it is astonishing. Also, the significant growth in the number of Airsoft game sites around Metro Manila is proof that more and more people are discovering the adrenaline pumping thrill that goes along with this adventure sport.

Combining the art of Japanese weapon replicas with the technology of American paintballs, airsoft is the epitome of sophisticated sports. Played with hyper realistic guns that weigh, feel and look like the real thing, Airsoft takes the fantasy of video combat games and brings it to reality. The fun and excitement starts with the weaponry, but it definitely does not end there. As with real combat men who  goes to battles, with proper clothing and gear are also called for. From head to toe, every little detail is meticulously considered in Airsoft game play. Camouflage uniforms and combat boots are standard. Facial masks, chest covers and protective gloves also come in handy when playing Airsoft. Of course, ammo pouches and attachments for back up weapons are also necessary.

Airsoft can be played in different venues. Some locations are set up like jungles, with built shield shelters that come in handy for different assault tactics. Sometimes, old empty industrial buildings can be used. This simulates an urban assault scenario. There are also open air spaces with wooden or metal barricades that allow players to labyrinth into combat.

Essentially a team sport, airsoft is the perfect setting for building camaraderie. An airsoft game is a good way to spend a fun weekend with your closest buddies. Luckily, there are a number of decent venues dotting the metro. If you’re on the southern area of Manila, Boomland near the CCP Complex is a great venue. Another notable one is KM18 Airsoft Gamesite, located in West Service Road, Paranaque. If you hail from the Quezon City area, don’t fret! Maxsports Adventure Park in Caloocan is noted as one of the top airsoft sites in the country. Pugad Lawin 3 along Katipunan Avenue is also a great place for an exhilarating play of Airsoft.

With the comforts of today’s lifestyle, it’s easy to comfortably settle for the usual. But why would you want to do that? There’s endless fun and adventure to  have with Airsoft.  So what are you waiting for? Unleash your inner soldier and start developing your tactical skills. It’s time for Combat Manila! It’s time for Airsoft.

Boomland Airsoft Gamesite and Carting Circuit
Next to CCP Complex, Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City, Manila

KM18 Airsoft Gamesite
The famous airsoft gamesite (approx 2.5 hectares) located along SLEX West Service road in between Sucat and Bicutan, Paranaque, Metro Manila

Max Sports Caloocan
Trinoma – Mindanao Avenue Route:
From Trinoma mall go straight to Mindanao Avenue until you reach the
Toll Gate Going to NLEX (New and faster road without passing Edsa). Turn right to Royal Mall (Valenzuela Exit).
2 minutes away from royal mall (General Luis St.). On your left, there’ll be a huge MaxSports signage.

PugadLawin 3
MWCI Compound, Balara Q.C.
Games starts at 9:00am
450FPS limit
Game Fee P100 only
For Private Game reservations & inquiries, you may contact Stalker at 0927-6837559

Be sure to check out these two websites for more information on Airsoft in Manila as well.

Zipping Through the Metro – Play Poi in Manila

Have you ever played poi? You know, those spinning thingamajigs you usually see during summertime by the beach. If you’ve been to Puerto Galera or Boracay, I’m sure you’ve seen fire poi performances during busy summer nights. Well you know what? Poi play or zipping is no longer only for the beach!

In fact, I’ll let you in on a little secret.

A growing number of locals are spinning their poi toys in numerous parks around Metro Manila. If you’re looking for something new to try, you better keep reading as Poi may just be the perfect hobby for you!

Deeply rooted from traditional performance art of the Maori people, poi was initially performed by women during tribal ceremonies in New Zealand. Some people believe that male Maori fighters also trained with poi to prepare their wrists for combat and for handling weaponry.

Fast forward to present times, Poi has evolved into a contemporary recreational activity. Some people take on poi, or also called zipping, as a hobby and a form of exercise while others consider zipping as a high level of performance art. Since poi spinning promotes arm and leg coordination, it helps you explore the space around you. Arm and leg muscles are gradually toned while honing poi play skills. The rhythmic motions of zipping are also innately spiritual. Imagine, an activity that synchronizes the mind and the body. Kind of like Yoga, but being constantly in motion!

And did I mention Poi is super fun? The vibrant colors of fabric poi toys with ribbon tails are hypnotizing. At night, experienced spinners use fire poi and enact majestic performances that keep people mesmerized. Of course, if you’re new to zipping it’s best to keep the fire poi unlit, lest you’re in a hurry to lose an eyebrow or two.

The global poi community is rapidly growing and it’s simply fantastic that Manila refuses to be left behind. A number of local groups have set up online stores and even fun lessons in various locations around the city. One such group is the team of Planet Zips.

A group initiated by poi spinners thirsty for zipping products in Manila, the team decided to make their own pair back in 2004. The lack of poi spinning products in the country pushed the team to come up with alternative designs for Manileños. Now aside from an online store that offers a wide selection of poi spinning paraphernalia, they also organized a team that teaches zipping techniques. The best thing about these classes is the choice of schedules and locations.

If you’re from the Quezon City area, lessons are held in the charming Charito Planas Garden in the QC Memorial Circle and at the UP Sunken Gardens. Central Manila is also covered with classes held at Valle Verde 1 Park in Pasig. If you’re located on the southern part of the metro there’s no need to fret! Classes are also held at The Arts in Taguig City, Salcedo Park in Makati and Pacific Village Park in Alabang.

Global poi community is blooming for a reason. This fun, stimulating performance activity is obviously captivating the hearts of people around the world. Is there a better way to take advantage of Manila’s charming parks and perfect weather? What are you waiting for? Get out and get some sun Zipping!

For more information on playing Poi, check out http://planetzips.multiply.com