Breathtaking Boracay

Apart from the sights and sounds of Manila, there are other things about the Philippines that both the locals and tourists are fond of. Beaches are included here. Although there are a lot of beaches nearby, from Batangas to Zambales, there is something different about the beaches of Boracay.

Boracay is known for its white beaches with sands that are powdery fine. Through the years, even with the commercial boom in the island, the local government has been able to keep the beaches clean and this is really impressive. Once you have taken a dip in the pristine waters of Boracay’s white beach, no experience in other beaches will be comparable to your experience here.

Considering the identity of Boracay as one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Philippines, a lot of businesses have decided to set up shop on the island. This led to the commercialization of the area. Nowadays, tons of beachfront restaurants, hotels, and stores are ready to serve visitors.

The way to get to Boracay is to take a domestic flight from Manila. Local airlines like Cebu Pacific, Air Philippines, Zest Air, and Seair all offer daily flights to Kalibo or Caticlan which are the two routes that can be taken. If you decide to fly to Kalibo, there is a two hour bus ride that you have to endure to get to the port with ferries that will take you to Boracay Island. If you hop on a flight to Caticlan, all it takes is a tricycle ride to the port.

The ferry trip takes about 30 minutes or so depending on weather conditions. Some hotels offer this transfer service for free while some do not. Expect to pay about 150-200 per person for complete transfer arrangements to and from Boracay island from the port area.

Upon reaching the island, you can take tricycle rides going to your hotel. The terminal can be found in D’Mall, which is the main shopping and dining hub on the island. The fare depends on the distance of the hotel from the main terminal.

Aside from taking a swim and going around the island on a foodie trip, you should really set aside some time for activities like snorkeling, parasailing, and skim boarding as well. For more adventurous travelers, cliff diving is something that should not be ignored. Another popular activity in Boracay is helmet diving.

The activities that you can try here are not limited to the ones done in the water. If you want, you can go around the island on a buggy car or an ATV if you wish. These give you another sight of Boracay that not everyone has a chance to see.

The guides will take you to the other beaches on the island like Puka Beach, for example, which is popular for the Puka shells that can be found there. They will also take you to see the giant bat and the bird aviary. On a side trip, you can also go to the Boracay Zip line and Zorb center.

Boracay is a hot spot for any vacation or holiday, may it be during the summer or any other time of year. This is a place that you should visit when you are in the Philippines. May it be with family or friends, you will surely enjoy the sights, sounds, and beaches that Boracay has to offer.

Boracay Island, Aklan