Nights Out at San Miguel by the Bay

san-miguel-by-the-bayThere are plenty of amazing places to visit around the metro. Tons of foodie joints are available for those who want to sample a variety of cuisines. Malls and parks are available in various locations in the city for those who want to take a stroll.

Even if there are a lot of places in the metro that cater to the needs of foodies, shoppers, or park dwellers, the number of people that visit such places make it tougher and tougher to enjoy because of the crowding that occurs. Also, pollution in the city is quite bad and this is why there are open spaces that people avoid. It is a good thing that there is a new place in Manila that is more accommodating in more ways than one.

Aside from the large mall area that the Mall of Asia complex is known for, there is another spot along its sidelines that people frequent. This is the area that is known as San Miguel by the Bay. It is literally located alongside the cleaner portion of the Manila Bay.

San Miguel by the Bay is home to a mix of commercial spaces, restaurants, carnival rides, a zip line, park recreation facilities, and even an outdoor public gym. There are visitors that go there for the food offerings that include the ever popular Dampa where you can shop for fresh seafood and have the establishments cook them for you. Popular restaurant and bar establishments from Guilly’s to Hooters are also located along San Miguel by the Bay.

san-miguel-by-the-bay-1San Miguel by the Bay is also home to the largest Ferris Wheel in Manila. Each ride costs around a hundred and fifty pesos and lasts for fifteen to twenty minutes. The great thing about this particular Ferris Wheel is that it comes with air conditioning ensuring that riders do not spend a single bolstering moment inside the car no matter what time of day they decide to hop in.

There are other carnival rides that are available for visitors to enjoy and they also have a mini zip line that is quite popular. Several snack and merchandise carts are also available here. They also have Segway-like machines for rent.

Aside from the food establishments and the rides, the local government of Manila also decided to set up several exercise machines along San Miguel by the Bay. Since they are promoting health awareness, they thought that doing so will entice the public to start shaping up. It was a good move as the exercise machines are never vacant.

san-miguel-by-the-bay-2At around four thirty to five o’clock in the afternoon, San Miguel by the Bay fills up with people because it also provides an amazing view of the Manila sunset. This is considered as one of the top ten sunset views in the world. People never tire of seeing it and this is another great attribute of San Miguel by the Bay.

San Miguel by the Bay is home to a lot of great attractions and it is worth visiting. In any given day, you will see all kinds of people along SMB from locals to foreigners all sharing the same food, views, and experiences. Here, everyone has fun.

Located along the vicinity of the SM Mall of Asia complex, SMB is pretty easy to find. Ample parking spaces are also available for the convenience of guests. Security is also strictly enforced so you have nothing to worry about.

San Miguel by the Bay
Seaside Boulevard, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City, Philippines

The Arena at MOA

One of the most famous places in Manila today is the SM Mall of Asia Complex in Pasay City. The Mall of Asia Arena or MOA Arena is an indoor complex within the Pasay compound. Opened in June 16 2012, the area has a full seating capacity of 20000, 16000 of which are available when sporting events are held in the location.

Compared to other complexes, a great feature is the retractable seats ensuring ultimate comfort when you watch your favorite concerts or sports events. Also, parking will not be a problem for all patrons since the arena has its own parking building with 2000 spaces for vehicles of all sizes. This is truly a convenient venue for shows of all types.

Whenever the Smart Araneta Coliseum is unavailable, the arena serves as an alternative venue for the Philippine Basketball Association or PBA. Recently, it was also named as the official home of the UAAP or University Athletic Association of the Philippines. This is one of the two collegiate basketball leagues in the country.

Within the SM MOA Complex, the Arena is the latest development projects. It was started back in 2010 and the architects saw to it that the final product will be an icon that people will continuously talk about. The architects succeeded as the new age eye pattern design really had people talking.

The goal of the developers was simple. They wanted a complex that can be used for all kinds of shows. They did not want a simple coliseum as they were interested in elevating the level of entertainment in the Philippines.

The owners were involved in the project from start to finish. From the conceptualization of the building to the sourcing of furnishings and the like, the Sy family played important roles in the formation of one of the best event places in Manila. They made sure that everything was top notch from the seats to the acoustics ensuring that every show held in the arena will be second to none.

The arena was modeled after the Staples Center in America. Even though the Smart Araneta Coliseum is a popular location for all kinds of events, it is pretty outdated. The people needed a new place to enjoy their concerts or sporting shows in.

The SM Group also wanted to provide show producers with an alternative venue for their events. They wanted to create a venue that will please not only the members of the audience but the artists or athletes themselves. They wanted Manila to have something that can compete with the arenas and complexes that can be found in other parts of the world.

There are different seating sections that you can choose from here. You have the patron and lower box sections as well as the upper box and general admission sections. There are also a number of corporate suites that can be rented on an annual basis.

Different food and dining options can also be found inside the arena. There are snack bars and full service restaurants that you can choose from. It is also conveniently connected to the main Mall of Asia establishment.

Mall of Asia Arena
MOA Arena, Sunset Avenue, Pasay City, Philippines

Cirque du Soleil Returns with Saltimbanco

Based in Quebec, Canada and founded by two street performers named Guy Laliberté and Daniel Gauthier, Cirque du Soleil is an entertainment company that uses circus arts and street performances. Before it became the brand that people know and love today, the cirque started out with the moniker Les Échassiers. It started out in the eighties as a performing troupe and applied for a government grant to keep it afloat until 1983 before it was reformatted in 1984, establishing the Cirque du Soleil brand.

With the help of secondary funding, the group was able to re-create their image, this time focusing on dramatic combinations of arts and street culture in their acts. They incorporated the use of characters during shows and invested in performing animals. After some time, they were able to start performing as a proper circus entertaining various audiences across the globe.

All of the shows presented by Cirque du Soleil are themed and they make it a point to serve as storytellers during these performances. The cirque is not your typical circus as they bring more to the table with every show. A proper storyline is created with a central theme and continuous live music accompanying different circus styles from various places around the world.

During the 1980s, the team suffered through a number of financial problems that were resolved with the help of government grants and such. After the Nouvelle Expérience was established sometime later, the cirque started making profits and this allowed them to invest in new materials and new acts. Through the years, they have been able to develop 30 shows that are being performed on rotation year in and year out.

For the first time ever, Cirque du Soleil went to Manila to stage a limited series of performances for their show entitled Varekai. Because of the positive response from the Filipino audiences, they decided to return once more to stage another show this coming August entitled Saltimbanco, which they will be performing at the SM Mall of Asia Arena from August 9-19, 2012. Tickets are available at SM ticketing outlets, the cirque’s website, and on with prices ranging from Php 960 to Php 10500.

Saltimbanco started in 1992 and it was the first cirque show that focused on a central theme. For this particular show, the creators wanted to concentrate their efforts on elements characterized as cosmopolitan urbanism. For a lot of the people who saw the show, they agreed that Saltimbanco evoked a story of peace.

Around that time, different societies were dealing with the immigration issue and this show wanted to reflect a sense of unity despite the different backgrounds that people living in the same community had. The show wanted to give tribute to all personalities, races, and colors with the help of the stage. They wanted people to realize that there is a strong need in this world for mutual respect despite all of our differences.

The name of the show was actually derived from an Italian phrase that means to jump on a bench and it went something like “saltare in banco.” For this particular show, there were 47 artists that make up the cast and these performers came from 15 different countries. Right now, this is the cirque show that has been running for the longest time since its creation.

It has been around for fifteen years and the team has toured the world. The goal of the cirque group is to reach as many people as possible especially since they have something that can help educate an audience when it comes to the value of respect for humankind.

Sooner rather than later, this amazing show will reach Philippine soil and this is something that you should not miss out on. Get your tickets and marvel at the amazing world of Cirque du Soleil. Saltimbanco awaits.

SM Mall of Asia Arena
Mall of Asia, Bay Area, Pasay City, Metro Manila