Need a Break? Head Off to Tagaytay!

After a very tiring work week, wouldn’t it be great if you can go for a quick retreat somewhere not that far from the city? Wouldn’t it be great if you can take a short drive and spend some time recharging for the week ahead? Well, look no further for you can have the break that you so desperately need and all it takes is an hour-long drive to Tagaytay City.

Considered as a second class city, Tagaytay City can be found within the city limits of Cavite. Today, Tagaytay City is known as one of the most popular tourist spots in the country and it is also very popular destination for the locals. From Manila, you can choose to go on a day trip via Aguinaldo Highway as it is only about 55 kilometers away from Manila.

The city of Tagaytay can be found on top or the Tagaytay Ridge which is actually the highest point in Cavite. Because of the high altitude, Tagaytay City is a great destination when the summer time arrives since the climate is relatively cool around that season. You will also be able to set your eyes upon the spectacular Taal Volcano when you come for a visit.

There are several look-out points in Tagaytay, each one offering a different view of Taal Volcano. If you want a completely unobstructed view of this active volcano and the lake that surrounds it, go to the look-out point by Starbuck’s Coffee Shop. This is near the main roundabout so you cannot miss it.

If you plan to stay for a night or two, you will be able to choose from a wide selection of Tagaytay hotels in the area. Regardless of your budget, it will be easy to find a place to stay here. There are also plenty of restaurants all over Tagaytay so if you get hungry you have plenty of cuisines to choose from as well.

Aside from the cool climate in Tagaytay, both local and foreign tourists are fond of visiting the different Tagaytay parks including the Picnic Grove, People’s Park, and People’s Park in the Sky. There are also several bicycle parks and horse riding areas in the city. They have recently added a new attraction and that is the zip line by the Picnic Grove and this is truly something that you need to try out when you visit Tagaytay.

As what was previously mentioned, Tagaytay does not only have plenty of hotels but there are lots of places to eat as well. Whatever cuisine you prefer, you will surely find something here. From traditional Filipino food to classic Italian, the options are limitless making the city a great destination for all foodies alike.

When you visit, make sure that you try out the signature dish of Tagaytay City which is the Bulalo. The Bulalo is a traditional Filipino beef stock soup and a lot of local restaurants serve this and most of them offer free refills on the soup base so eat your heart out. When it comes to the ultimate Bulalo experience, go to Leslie’s restaurant.

There are other places of interest for tourists in this city aside from the parks and restaurants. If you can, try to visit Tagaytay Highlands. This is a recreational not to mention a residential complex which offers sporting activities like golf and tennis. They have a cable car within the property limits if you are interested.

Tagaytay is also home to numerous World War and historical markers like the 41st Division USAFFE Marker and the 11th Airborne Division Marker. You will also be able to see a number of seminaries here. So, after that long work week, plan a trip to Tagaytay and relax.

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