Resorts World Manila: Manila’s First Integrated Tourist Destination

Like the slogan says, it is definitely more fun in the Philippines. There are plenty of attractions to visit and there are plenty of great places to eat at. Also, especially in the heart of the country, in the city of Manila, there are plenty of things that can be done at any given time of day.

Only a couple of years old is the latest prime development from the Megaworld Group of Companies, which is the famous Resorts World Manila, a franchise from the internationally acclaimed Resorts World Incorporated. With other Resorts World developments across the globe, its arrival in Manila has impressed and excited the locals and foreigners alike. The great thing about this place is that it is the ultimate tourist destination where everything from retail to dining to arts, culture, and gambling have been integrated to give people an all-in experience of the city life in Manila.

The compound of RWM is home not only to the main Resorts World infrastructure but also to several hotel establishments like The Marriot, Maxim’s, and Remington Hotel. Within the vicinity, you will also find several fast food offerings that can provide you with quick and easy meals when you need to grab a bite before heading off to the airport. Its close proximity to all three NAIA terminals also make it an excellent place to hang out in before and after flights.

Inside the main building of Resorts World Manila, you will immediately see the huge casino located at the center of the infrastructure. There are games for everyone from the slot machines to tables for cards and even roulette. They have offerings for amateur or leisure gamblers and they also have offerings that cater to the regulars and high-rollers.

Not everyone is into gambling though and the developers really thought this through. Even if the concept of Resorts World considers the casino as one of the primary elements of the establishment, they did not focus on this element alone. Because they want RWM to cater to everyone, they made sure that there is something for every member of the family.

Several retail establishments can also be found inside RWM. Most of the brands that are available are high-end names but there are mid-ranged offerings when it comes to apparel and such. The stores here are diverse enough to provide people of different styles and interests with the things that suit their fancy.

There are several cinemas that can also be found on the topmost level of the building. Although the cinemas are not as large as those in other malls, they can seat about 200 a piece and one of the great things about watching movies here is that the seats are extremely comfortable. At RWM, you do not get basic movie seats but you are entitled to your very own reclining chair.

For a lot of the visitors that set foot inside Resorts World Manila, probably the best offering that RWM has is its selection of restaurants, bars, and coffee shops. Even if a large part of the building has been allocated to the casino, they saved enough space to provide visitors with a number of dining choices able to suit every type of palate or craving day in and day out. In RWM, there are a lot of great places to eat at, both fancy and casual.

If you are about to travel, one of the best places to visit before you head off to the airport is Resorts World Manila. Instead of spending all that time waiting at the airport for your flight, you can let the time pass somewhere more enjoyable and this is such a place. If you have just arrived from a flight, it is also a good idea to head down to RWM so that you can relax for a while before heading home.

For those who want to experience a great day out, this is also the place to be. A day with your family and friends can be made even better with the offerings that RWM can provide you with. As promised, you will not experience a single dull moment when you head down to Resorts World Manila.

Resorts World Manila
Newport Boulevard, Newport City. Pasay 1309, Metro Manila

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